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Looking for additional information on the 10th Choir

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  • Looking for additional information on the 10th Choir

    I read about the 10th choir in the lost covenants section of the Vampire Requiem 2nd Edition book and found them quite interesting. I've been having trouble finding additional sources for information on the 10th Choir, were they detailed in a 1st edition Requiem book or an adventure that I'm otherwise unfamiliar with?

    Has anybody used them in their games?

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    Unfortunately, I don't believe they've ever been mentioned anywhere else. The main sources for alternate covenants in 1e were Danse Macabre and Ancient Mysteries, and neither of those mentions the Tenth Choir. Nor do the 2e Dark Eras books.


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      As mentioned I don't believe there is any other information on this. Maybe Spilled Blood will flesh this lost covenant out further? The Children's Crusade looks good too.

      Either way, I would look to deicide as an inspiration. Maybe some type of Lancea Sanctum off-shoot? Maybe use the Qashmallim from Promethean for the mechanics?


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        Originally posted by mikerand View Post
        The Children's Crusade looks good too.
        A bit off topic, but the Children's Crusades were a real phenomenon. In the middle ages, there were effectively cult leaders who convinced children that only their innocence could save the Holy Lands, and basically Pied Piper'd the kids away. I would very much suggest looking into the stories. They really made me think of the Strix called Teach.