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    Well, that really depends. A dead body found under mysterious circumstances is national headlines material here in Sweden no matter who it is (and with the current political climate it's especially true for homeless people). If claw wounds are found on the body they will be thoroughly examined to determine what kind of animal did it just in case it needs to be put down. What you're describing sounds almost dystopian to me, not properly investigating the death of a human being.

    Originally posted by Maina View Post
    Though, again, a Gangrel hardly needs Protean to bring down anything human.
    Well, only because they're vampires and thus have access to vampiric innate abilities. Protean is the only reliable source of offensive capabilities for Gangrels. They don't even get Strength or Dexterity as a favoured Attribute. They're all about survivability instead.

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      Really any city is going to freak out if there's an apparent mauling death by a clawed animal since dogs are the only common urban animals that could be a threat to humans and they don't use claws.

      Jaguar loose in Detroit, Fresno, Pensacola? That's front page local and gets a mention in national news.
      Even animals that have and use claws tend to kill by bite, not claws alone. The only exception i can think of off the top of my head is some raptors and THAT would be a headline if it looked like a hawk kill on a human.

      Better to dispose of your mistakes instead of leaving them around town, but if you have to, a knife or gun would be a more publicly forgettable incident.
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        It's very contextual to the sensibilities of the St. Like, how many coroners are going to stand up and say they think a hawk killed someone? It's an absurd question.

        like, if you wanted to build on the paranoia of the setting, maybe CofD coroners have noted the recurrent protean claw attacks and have developed a non-vampire explanation.


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          I'm still saying that vampires claws won't seem like an animal attack even at a first glance. Probably not even to common people.


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            The biggest issues are ultimately location and frequency.

            Most people live in a city (hence most vampires live in cities). Most people in a city aren't clawed to death by animals, as most animals with that kind of damage capacity don't really like cities. So most city dwellers are not likely to be able to tell one kind of clawing from another as it's not part of their lived experience. At the same time, there's little tolerance for this to happen much. A person getting clawed to death is going to be big news in a city because it's such a rare thing to have happen. People are going to want to know what the animal is, and what the city government is doing about it. When the coroner or ME has no idea what they're looking at (best case for a vampire... you don't want to accidentally run into a Hunter that's watching corpses for supernatural activity), maybe if it's an isolated incident they can get away with, "it must be an illegal exotic animal that escaped, we're consulting experts," and then bury it. If it keeps happening? The evidence is going to pile up and add up to humans asking questions that vampires don't want them asking as it's going to draw Hunters fast.

            Alternatively, in a more rural area where people are exposed to different predatory animal attacks, you go in a completely different direction to go full circle. If you've got a herd of goats in a rural enough area, you probably know the difference between a cougar attack and a wolf/coyote attack, and can probably make a good guess about a badger/wolverine/etc. attack. It's just a fact of life that you're going to lose some of your herd to predators or have dogs that get hurt trying to protect the flock. So you're more likely to be able to know at first glance something is weird about a Protean-based claw attack. But as it matters to vampires, it results in roughly the same situation. A one-off incident most people will overlook.. kills can be messy that trick your initial estimation, maybe something that's not native to the area got loose or is testing out a new territory, etc. The more it happens... the more farmers/ranchers/etc. are going to talk, and the sooner they're going to figure out something not-normal is up... and the sooner you have Hunter problems.


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              Honestly, Highlander makes for a pretty good VTR inspiration. Maybe not the movie exactly (that works better for MTC, IMHO), but if anything, the show definitely does.