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Ideas for Sanctified Hymns and Iconography.

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  • Ideas for Sanctified Hymns and Iconography.

    Thought it would be an interesting Exercise to create some sanctified hymns...

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    For some reason the thought of Sanctified hymns, at best, makes me think of Weird Al Yankovic writing parodies of Amazing Grace and How Great Thou Art but being sung by Elvis Presley or the Winans. At worst, some of the verses in Song of Solomon being turned into filthy limericks by Cardi B or Eminen.


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      I'd presume parts of the testament of longinus set to music. That's a fairly standard idea.


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        How about this for the Creation Rite:

        Contained, Christian soul, within this world
        by the taint of your Sire,
        who debased you,
        Deprived of God the Almighty Father,
        and the spirit he bred into you,
        Beyond Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God,
        who suffered for mankind,
        Rejected by the Holy Spirit,
        who has fled your vassal.
        Remain, Christian Soul,

        And be gracious.
        May you test the innocent with depravity,
        may you settle among those bound for Zion,
        tempt the wilful so they choose faith,
        torture the straying so they return.

        May you remain and couple noble character
        with the ignoble corruption of soul.
        May holy Mary, the angels, and all the saints
        only spur you for your nature.
        Let the judgement of your peers and your own conscience
        console against the privation of redemption,
        and the eternal damnation lay upon you.

        The original can be found here.
        It is said to departing souls; I repurposed to remind the damned how they should stay behind.


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          Cool Tabanese!!!


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              For iconography, you'll probably have a lot of images of Longinus looking sad and depressed. Lots of spears, maybe images of the Holy Grail. Maybe an angel looking angry at a sad Longinus.

              I think you could do a fun inversion of the stations of the cross with Longinus getting ready for his day, and ending with him embraced.


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                It'd be interesting for the different sects to have different icons, Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, and Protestant creeds keeping a piece of themselves. Maybe throw in Jews and Muslims and possibly Zoroastrians(?)