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Lingua Bellum - your experience using it

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  • Lingua Bellum - your experience using it

    We've recently had our first big debate using Lingua Bellum rules and we noticed that some things didn't really make sense for us. Would love to hear your opinions on how did it work for you so far and if you had made any house rules to it.

    Issues we've had:
    - Ego being a roll, which makes it high variance and can straight up wins or loses exchanges for participants (We had rolled 1, 4 and 5 - you probably won't be surprised that person with 1 ego got knocked out early and the person with 5 won)
    - Informed gives you a way of starting the exchange with Rising star (upgrades any success to an exceptional)
    - Rising star gives you a very easy way to get Crowd darling (just by using a Maneuver successfully), which makes it 2 for 1 and unless you have that roll really low there is no point in getting Crowd darling.
    - Exceptional conditions, in general, are a huge swing of power with huge intense crowds
    - Counting dice is a pain as it constantly changes due to conditions and affects both attack and defense rolls

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    No one tried it yet?


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      I've tried the system a bit but found it too clunky for actual in-game use: it slows down what should be an intense scene and the outcome tends to be determined from the moment it starts, in my experience.