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Auspex and Concealment Infrastructure

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  • Auspex and Concealment Infrastructure

    So I am playing in a cross over Chronicle playing as a vampire, one of the other players is playing a demon. We were in a session 0 and talking about our characters and potential character ties and what not, having 4 dots of Auspex I threw out the idea that during my vampires unlife they had uncovered some Concealment Infrastructure using the third dot of Auspex. The other player shut this down saying that it would provoke a clash of wills with the god machine and that I would not win against it, the GM said it would depend on how much the god machine invested into the particular Infrastructure. The other player knows much more about demon than I do so I just accepted it at the time, since then I've started to go over the demon the book to learn more about Concealment Infrastructure. From what I have read on page 62 of Demon the Descent, the supernatural Concealment of Concealment Infrastructure seems to be very light just enough to fool normal mortals and wound't clash with the god machine (I don't how that would actually be resolved since the core book doesn't actually stat out the god machine) just requiring the activation roll to succeed to unveil the Concealment unless the it was veiled by a guardian angel guarding the site at that point it would become a clash of wills between the vampire and the angel.

    Am I wrong in this?

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    Demons and Stigmatics can see past Concealment Infrastructure. Other than that, I don't think it has hard details. If you want to keep G-M stuff hidden, then keep it effective vs other supernaturals. If you want to involve other supernaturals more, make it easier to pierce (detection power, or just supernaturals aren't affected).

    Do note that I think there was a Stigmatic Mage listed somewhere, so a Stigmatic Vampire wouldn't be too much out of the norm.

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      Given that you're playing in a crossover game, blocking off a potential avenue of interaction (you being able to use a magic knowing power to figure out concealment infrastructure) seems rather counter productive to positive interaction between the two of you.
      I would probably go with 'you can see it, unless GM specifically hid it from vampires, in which case it's a clash of wills with the angel who built it'
      Now, with a clash of will with the Angel who built the infrastructure you immediately get scaling of infrastructure, more important infrastructure was likely built by more important angels.
      If it was not important enough to send angels and non-angels built it - well, just pierce it then.

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        I always like to solve problems through Merits and this is another case where that works. You could have a Merit (or potentially a Devotion) that allows your Auspex to pierce Concealment Infrastructure with a simple application of Auspex (and perhaps something like 8-again when using Auspex on God-Machine stuff in general, to make it worth the cost).

        Since this is specifically a crossover chronicle, the Merit should be cheap or even for free for your character.

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