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Ever ran a game using Danse Macabre content?

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  • Ever ran a game using Danse Macabre content?

    This book came up in a recent conversation and I remembered how much I loved the tier 1 take on Clans, the tier 3 Conspiracies, and the Atrocity Dice mechanic. It’s a pretty stellar toolkit, and in the running for my favorite 1e book; has anyone else ever gotten any part of it to the table?

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    Yes. Yes! YES!
    I used a lot of that book.
    Social combat is an instant standout, in particular the inclusion of the Edge. (Winning at social combat grants you bonuses to stuff like hunting and combat)
    I also used the covenants at different tiers to represent different goals and iterations of the covenants. I never read the covenant specific books but danse macabre filled that gap perfectly for me.
    I might flick through it this evening and reminisce.
    For me one of the strongest books that melded mechanics, narrative and setting perfectly.
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      I'm using Harbingers in my current campaign. One of the players is part of the covenant.

      Genius templates (for Demon: the Descent)


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        I took the teir 1 carthian movement for one of the political factions in my city, and might use the teir 3 as well, depending on how things go.

        I love the Atrocity dice system and really want to integrate it. I've been trying to work on a Gangrel merit that works similarly.

        I used the Anchor schema because one of my players didn't have time to really invest in character creation/session 0. This was really useful because we started playing immediately after embrace, and I've been trying to foreground mortal relationships.

        I'd definitely like to try out the Hell is Other People system.

        I appreciated the advice for Devotion creation. Haven't had a chance to use any of the quest stuff, but I if the opportunity arises, I plan to.

        I also wrote up a Chronicle Pitch, (loosely) using the Danse Macabre format.


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          Atrocity is a favorite of mine. It works great in Vampire, and I also adapted it for the dark side in a Star Wars game.

          I'm currently playing with a revision that uses both atrocity and a version of Humanity we didn't have time to finish for VtR2.

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            Originally posted by Rose Bailey View Post
            Atrocity is a favorite of mine. It works great in Vampire, and I also adapted it for the dark side in a Star Wars game.

            I'm currently playing with a revision that uses both atrocity and a version of Humanity we didn't have time to finish for VtR2.
            Now that sounds exciting! Will it end up on Patreon and/or the STVault when it's done?


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              Originally posted by Draconis View Post

              Now that sounds exciting! Will it end up on Patreon and/or the STVault when it's done?
              If people are interested, I could do an STV version!

              I'm taking some ideas from The Danse Macabre and some non-vampire crime stuff I've run and developing them a little further, so:

              For a start: Humanity means roughly what it does now, but it merges with Willpower. So Humanity fluctuates, and it's also something you earn, by interacting with your Touchstones and hitting upward breaking points and so on.

              (Being more human isn't saccharine niceness or anything, but if you can crack a smile and save an orphanage, that's usually not going to lose you Humanity.)

              Masquerade and Requiem come back (and I call them Mask and Dirge, for convenience), and act a lot like Origin and Role in Bleeding Edge. The twist is that Mask starts high but is rough to hold onto, while Dirge starts low, but is a cheap buy.

              Disciplines... well, they're getting a look, too, but I need to dice-test my ideas some more.

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                I recently ran a game that focused on the Commonwealth, the tier three Conspiracy.

                The player characters awoke, with their minds all foggy and confused, in a hidden Commonwealth city were kindred and mortals live out in the open, side by side. It was an exploration about gaslighting on a large scale, where the players characters didn't know if the city was the norm or their foggy memories of living hidden among mortals was something that really happened.

                Somewhat inspired by that M Night Shyamalan film, The Village.

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                  That sounds really cool. How'd it go?


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                    Must admit i have only most foggy recollections of the book, the group i did play with for a time was somewhat haphazard in looking for & adopting stuff from books beyond the core, mostly from bloodline, covenant & clanbooks, if memory tricks me not.

                    That and some bits from other games i would use to "upgrade" some of the bits & concepts from Mythologies and some other places:

                    - Awakening's Oneiros & astral travel mechanics i would use to expand concepts from the "Understanding the Fog of Eternity" chapter. This would indirectly connect with the Alucinor and Usiri bloodlines, the Dream Visions merit from the Mekhet clanbook, dream-drinking from "Sleep of Reason" chapter - and the Sightless Mother.

                    - Book of Dead for "the Second Death" realm. This would work as a deeper layer in the "astral torpor travels" of kindred, going into the Underworld (or at least a specific realm within it). Shenanigans were had with dead kindred stealing the bodies of torpid "deep divers", psychocomps/"reapers" entering our world after them (or diablerists with their patchwork souls) under certain (un)auspicious circunstances, a tie-in of sorts with the "Blood Curses" chapter, and the occasional Mnemovore spawned when one such capture was "botched" somehow.

                    - Intruders: Encounters with the Abyss would give me abyssal spiders infections with their mind control-inducing powers, that would mesh with the bees, powers & manias of the Melissidae bloodline.

                    - Skinchangers, from there i took the undead-wrangling Kanaima vengeance spirits, that served as expies/foils to the Strix in our games - and "sire" of one of the PCs.

                    - Forsaken's Predators i stole some monsters from to become the "Nonatii", the Neverborn, ur-vampire beasts born from the blood of an assassinated sun deity, in a blend of "Blood of the Bull" and "Blood Gods".

                    - Mysterious Places i did take the University and Hillcrest Center for Elder Living from, in fact blending them somewhat in the form of a University Hospital/Sanatory (so, not only for the elderly, but people from all ages), that tied in to Ordo Dracul dream vision studies and the Alucinor/Usiri/"Torpor Deep Diving" plotline.
                    (and the Swamp Indian Hollow too, but that specific part the OD kindred themselves were completely unaware of...)

                    - Reliquary (not Mysterious Places) i filched some stuff from too. The most relevant possibly the Glass Mansion, that in our games became the House that Jack Built, the personal abode/realm of Red Jack, from "The Thing in the Mirror" (also the evolved form of a hollow Mekhet's wandering reflection) filling the role of Blood Mary in our games, Children of Thorns' equivalent cult and all. What also involved a shadow war of sorts with the Baykosh (from Night Horrors: Wicked Dead), as Red Jack spread his influence by replacing (consuming) the reflections of those he made pupils/vassals of through Ars Speculorum gifts, a form of stealth serial diablerie the creature, as a form of reaper, felt duty-bound to track down and deal with (usually by tracking down Jack's kindred anchors).

                    So that last one might count as some Danse Macabre use, i guess.

                    PS: corrected the Glass Mansion reference, added what i did get from Mysterious Places.
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                      I imported and twisted a lot of ideas from dance macabre.Those are the most important:
                      • The idea of Kings and Queens of the dammed , vampires so powerful that control multiple domains and princes with the difference that they don´t have to be from the invictus although the majority are (Ex:Hardesthad or Mitrhas from Masquerade would be kings).
                      • The idea of an emperor as a puppet/punishment for camarilla/invictus vampires (Honestly this is hillarious)
                      • The holy enginiers (Love them/in my games they are the ones who can do dark miracles instead of the normal lancea who recive other bonuses)
                      • The idea of designing plays around tiers , really changed the way I storytelled
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                        I've used the tier system extensively, in fact I just started a tier 1 game, and I use the Masquerades and Requiems in place of Second edition Masks and Dirges. I let players make up their own within reason (no one has yet) oh, but you gain willpower from them as if your Mask were a vice and your Dirge was a virtue (using 2e as a guideline). I've been thinking or reintroducing the Discipline skills and Combat auras because the players liked the way they interplayed back in 1e. I'm not sure. Any thoughts?

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