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  • Tomorrow's Nobody
    How acceptable is overlap in themes and practical applications between Disciplines, especially bloodline-unique Disciplines?

    I tried to wrap my head around converting Dementation (the Masquerade Discipline) to Vampire the Requiem as a Discipline for a Malkavian bloodline, but with every iteration I came up with I felt like I was treading too much on Nightmare's ground.

    Ultimately I decided to make Dementation a group of Devotions instead, similar to how the Khaibit's bloodline gift was handled in the 2e write up.

    Then later, I tried to convert Licencieux, the Duchagne's bloodline Discipline, to VtR 2e, and again I ran into the problem that conceptually and practically there was simply too much overlap with Nightmare and Majesty.

    How do you designers handle these problems in official material, Rose Bailey ?

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  • Draconis
    How much conceptual space should a single Discipline cover? Auspex is pretty much "gain more information", while Nightmare covers different facets of fear and also madness à la old Dementation.

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  • Maina
    This one might be a little weird, but that seems to be maybe what you want, so:

    Why are Disciplines structured the way they are? Why do you have to know how to discern secrets before you can use telepathy or astral projection? Why are there discreet abilities instead of Disciplines being like smaller-scale Arcana or Blood Sorcery Themes? It would be useful to have answers from both from a design perspective as well as (especially, for my particular interests) an IC/fluff/thematic perspective.

    I've always found knowing why things work a certain way helps a lot, so this would be useful to know.

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  • Nicolas Milioni
    Should Bloodlines have disciplines of their own?

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  • DubiousRuffian
    Why do Disciplines cost what they do? Nightmare 3 costs two vitae, but Nightmare 4 costs one. Meanwhile, Majesty 2 is free. Are the costs about guiding usage?

    Similarly, what determines whether something is an instant or reflexive action? Contested vs resisted?

    Also, what are the in-world mechanics, generally? Dominate 4 requires that the victim come into contact with your blood (anointing or drinking), but Nightmare 4 will follow the victim. Is the victim of Nightmare 2 having a fear directly manipulated, or is the Predatory Aura altering the world in such a way that /from that angle it is obvious the case that one of your fears is much worse than you ever realized/.

    How wide can we make the effects and when do we cross into devotion territory?
    Example: Going off the madness/mental illness theme, I've toyed with allowing Nightmare 2 to magnify *any* negative mental state to debilitating intensity, so long as the resultant condition follows the Freightened schema. Cause catatonia, force hysterical false confessions, make someone start puking etc.

    Do the guidelines for Devotion creation from Danse still hold?

    Are Disciplines always unnatural/horrible/coersive? If so, should there be Humanity consequences beyond the breaking point about concent?

    Have you got suggestions on what sorts of themes to mine for Discipline effects?

    How does one enact (in-game) a mystery coil?

    I'm sure I will have more questions later...

    EDIT: what was guiding the design for Obtenebration as.... Deverits?
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  • YeOfLittleFaith
    I liked the post you made a while back comparing how different the 2e design between Disciplines and like, Contracts is, and that was pretty informative, but hearing more about the process is always fun.

    Where it comes to the linear progression of Disciplines as reflective of vampires becoming more monstrous and inhuman as they develop their nature, were there ever any thoughts on how to tie buying Discipline dots into Humanity breaking points or similar mechanics? Cruac and Theban Sorcery have something like that in their relationship to Humanity, but they're more external.

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