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Reworking celerity for a homebrew (I Need Feedback)

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  • Reworking celerity for a homebrew (I Need Feedback)

    This is for a huge homebrew i am doing with one of the main alterations being that you can buy discipline levels separately as if they where Gift from werewolf or Horrid Powers to make things more customizable.This of course has a repercusion in physical disciplines becuase with this rules i cannot have a linear increase in the bonus they give from 1-5.

    The solution I have arrived to solve this is to use Blood Potency +1 as a way to measure the size of the bonus and after some beta testing the thing not only seems balanced but also allows to have logical power tiers but this also means that I have to convert Physical disciplines into 5 dots one of them being the one who gives the bonus.

    For Vigor/Potence the thing I did was making the discipline tactile telekinesis that being the reason why Daevas don´t pierce trought the huge stuff they can lift due preassure and for resilence now is not only about having armor or a huge healthbar but also about having a set of adaptions that allow you to "survive."

    The Thing is now celerity presents a problem

    The Temporis solution
    The idea I had is to pick up the temporis idea from Masquerade and tweaking it to make clear that the vampire cannot manipulate time (Some devotions may allow it but they are rare) , they can only eat the time around themselves to ralentice others to the point of stasis or use that extra time to acelerate themselves.

    LV1 Gotta go Fast (Adds a pasive bonus of +5 to running speed , but this bonus isnt compatible with the one recived from bullet time) Passive
    LV2 Acelerated Mind (Don´t suffer penalties for figthing multiple opponents up to your Blood Potency level). Passive
    LV3 Bullet Time (The Character acelerates his own time frame to gain superspeed adding their Blood Potency +1 to Dexterity and also being able to dodge bullets) Cost 1 BP x Turn
    LV4 Flower of Death (If you have higher iniciative your normal attacks deal letal damage and due the speed when you cause 1 or 2 levels of damage after the soak roll they convert to 3 , Speed Kills) Passive
    LV5 Temporis (Power that paralises everyone in Area of Effect by eating time from them if they lost a clash of wills until a number of turns equal to BP pass or they suffer any kind of damage) cost 3 BP.

    Speed Force Alternative
    As I think that giving temporal powers is opening the door to time travel and wacky stuff the alternative was to the same but instead of eating time the vampires now can manipulate manipulate speed or movement in the sense of acelerating of decelerating things to the point of stasis (LV5).

    That said I would like to have feedback and even heard of other alternatives becuase seriusly celerity is a very difficult to house rule power without falling in redundance unless you make it something more than superspeed IMO.

    Hunger pool

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    I'd expand lvl2 to allow a character to make multiple instant actions of different types. So I could formulate a plan the same turn as throwing a punch, or while on the phone tell a convincing lie while reading a book. Maybe take part in a foot chase while texting your blood doll to Netflix and chill.

    EDIT: Sacraments and Blasphemies has a bunch of Celerity Threnodies that might be worth checking out.