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Converting Damnation City Primacy and Barony Rules for 2nd edition.

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  • Converting Damnation City Primacy and Barony Rules for 2nd edition.

    ideas what would be needed?

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    I started and re-started this projefct off and on now for what seems to be an eternity. This is where it's at since last time I left it, about two years ago:

    Chapter one - characters:

    Chapter two - game play

    Chapter three - merits and stoof

    I've playtested it for a bit, but only in play by post so. Looking back, the first thing I would look at is to scale up the turn duration from nights to weeks. So one turn is one week, instead of one night.

    Actually quite curious about what you and others think of the doc


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      largely looks good though still needs some polishing

      One thing is should Revenants or Beats be able to use the system? both need considered.


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        I'd assume that within vampire society it would be very rare for Revenants to attain the kind of political clout necessary to participate at Primacy levels. YMMV though, and if you'd want a revenant to be a Primacy player what would mechanically change is that:

        they would not start out at BP 2
        that their discipline spread would be limited
        and that -most importantly- they would not be able to have blood bonded Henchmen or Agents

        This last bit is, of course, the biggest hurdle for Primacy play. Because how else are you going to keep your Underlings loyal? There are ways, certainly. People do it all the time. You may genuinely inspire your followers. You may have some actual dirt on them. But you have not blood bonded them.

        First; this represents a problem to the Masquerade. Plain and simple. They are mortals who've had a look behind the curtain. They know (in their guy) that they are dealing with something super natural.

        Second; this presents a problem to the prospective revenant Primacy player. Their most loyal Underlings are much easier corruptible than those of other Primacy players. I'd rule that even though initially all other Players who own dots of a Subject's Skills as Asset Skills lose those dots as soon as the revenant player picks the Subject to be their Henchman, the Henchman (or Agent) can still be Coerced to put their Skills to the service of another Primacy character as regular Subjects can be. Perhaps give Henchmen a +1 bonus to resist and Agents a +2 bonus.

        I'm not familiar with Beast, so I don't have much to add there.


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          maybe Revenants work better as henchman.