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Embracing Ghouls and changing regnant

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  • Embracing Ghouls and changing regnant


    Are there any rules for a Ghoul that is embraced, what to do with its disciplines and merits:
    a. Does it gain 3 new dots over what she had?
    b. What happens if it has bloodline disciplines and it is embraced in another clan (or chooses another bloodline)?
    c. Can a ghoul that changes regnant have multiple "Taste of X" merits?

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    A. No they don’t get 3 more discipline slots. If they have more than 3 disciplines or discipline ranks they get nothing. (See B for more details.). If they had less than 3 ranks of disciplines they get the difference up to three

    B. There are no rules one way or the other so it’s up to the ST. Personally if they had a bloodline specific discipline as a ghoul and are no longer eligible to join the bloodline, I refund the player experience spent on the bloodline discipline. Alternatively, you can use it to explain how some bloodlines powers cross multiple clans. The mortal great aunt of one of my character’s was ghouled by a Brother of Ypres and was taught the first two levels of Asphyx and one level of Resilience to be used as a Nazi slave until she was “rescued” by a Toreador. But that was partially because that particular ST didn’t like a certain player dictating what clans could and could not develop offshoot bloodline specific disciplines.

    C. If the merit requires the regnant of a certain clan as the prerequisite and the ghoul gets a new regnant that doesn’t qualify, they’re eligible for the Sanctity if Merits refund. Or you can say the benefits of the merit don’t apply until they get the appropriate regnant.


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      Thanks tsusasi