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Torpor: how to prepare or recover from it.

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  • Torpor: how to prepare or recover from it.

    one thing I wondered on.

    hows a kindred prepare for or recover from Torpor.

    if you find a friends taking a nice long snooze... what to do.

    Other then find potent enough blood to revive them?

    What to do about preserving their estate or hunting territory.

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    Invictus in first edition had dynastic compacts and cyclical dynasties down to an art. Second edition has a few watered down versions of the weaker merits from the Invictus sourcebook but since torpor really isn't a mechanically forced inevitability any longer, and there's cheaper and safer options to just stay active available the merits would need to be redone to be worth purchasing.

    A cyclical dynasty has an elder grooming a younger successor to act in their absence while they're in torpor. It doesn't have to be sire and childe or grandchilde but it often is. When they wake up, the younger kindred is approaching the need to enter torpor as well, so while he sleeps, the elder manages their affairs.

    Dynastic compacts are similar but with 3 kindred (or more) with always at least one active and managing the affairs of two others in torpor. And these are when you are more likely to find mixed clan combinations or the start of a dynastic house.


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      Ideas what neonates can do while a coterie mates in torpor?

      He made no real plqans.

      Guard his territory from poachers...

      Guard his body.

      If its only a few months or less no one needs to know he was in torpor.

      If its longer then that probably going to help him take new hunting territory then keep his current territory free of poachers.


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        Find someone with higher blood potency, and preferable somewhat trustworthy, who will agree to revive him. (This may or may not cause problems because he could end up in a partial or full vinculum to that kindred.)

        Hide his torpid body in a light tight area and wait it out. Preferably some place where unknowing humans are not going to come across his body.

        Make arrangements for him to have quick access to at least 3-4 vitae worth of blood wherever his torpid body is kept to avoid a potential mass murder splatter house feeding scene shortly after he awakens.


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          Consider feeding the torpid body, in 2e you don't automatically spend blood during torpor so filling someone up on rats is a smart move.


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            Originally posted by Live Bait View Post
            in 2e you don't automatically spend blood during torpor
            "During the first day of torpor, the vampire subconsciously spends as much Vitae as it would take to heal any wounds she may have."

            so filling someone up on rats is a smart move.
            Considering that the means of waking a torpid vampire early consistently involves another vampire, I'm not sure they can process blood on its own even if animal blood wasn't only suitable for very young or very weakened Kindred in the first place.
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              I was answering the neonate question prince of the night asked, sorry for being unclear.
              Also after the first day I'm sure my suggestion is sound since they can drink another kindreds blood and blood becoming veata is automatic.