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    So, I've been going through my archives lately and I came across something I wrote up but never did anything with. It's based on a character a friend of mine played in first edition, drawing on the legends of Greek vampires called vrykolakas. They're a particularly weird vampire myth, and I wanted to see what his character would look like in the new edition. Here's a Wikipedia link. I couldn't get all their oddities into what follows, but I did leave room for the idea that they may have other variants...

    I actually considered pitching something like this for Spilled Blood, but I ultimately decided they had too many moving parts, and I couldn't think of a good story hook to go with the weirdness (note that this isn’t a spoiler or indication of what did end up in Spilled Blood). I may still do them as an STV thing, but I have other projects brewing on that front, and I still haven't decided if these are even workable player characters at all.

    Anyway, without further ado:
    Vrykolakas: The Ones You Can’t Appease

    Use rules for Kindred, unless otherwise noted:
    • The Pain of Power: Lightning and electricity deal aggravated damage to Vrykolakas rather than fire. Electricity is attracted to these creatures, and will invariably strike if one stays out in a thunderstorm for too long, or, for example, remains too close to a damaged transformer.
    • A Vrykolakas’s body swells upon death and gains a ruddy complexion, which worsens as her Humanity degrades. Her skin stretches tight as a drum, and even sounds like one when struck. As such, they do not have a Blush of Life. However, they gain a persistent point of general Armor against blunt force and cutting instruments (except if the weapon is a bane), but suffer an additional point of damage from firearms.
    • The Vrykolkas Beast is more calm and calculating than that of the Kindred. They are therefore not prone to frenzy (but see below).
    • Vrykolakas are breath drinkers (Vampire: The Requiem, p. 201). They can feed from Kindred the usual way, but they do not have fangs, and cannot cause supernatural damage with their bite. Kindred can feed from Vrykolakas as if they were vampires.
    • To create a Vinculum, the vampire must regurgitate stolen breath into his victim’s mouth. Otherwise, all other systems for blood bonds apply. Kindred feeding on Stranger Vitae are still subject to Vitae addiction, but the Vrykolakas must feed a vampire her breath if she wants to apply a bond directly.
    • Vryakolakas cannot learn Coils of the Dragon, but they can learn either form of Blood Sorcery. Their breath is close enough to blood to empower these magics.
    • To create a new vampire, a Stranger must posthumously Embrace a mortal who died with less than 5 dots of Integrity. A Stranger does create revenants if her victims had low Integrity in life, but these half-damned are subject to all the rules above (unless they contradict a specific reverent limitation), and none of the factors below. This may indicate there are other “clans” of Vrykolakas with different Disciplines and banes.
    Nickname: Strangers

    Bane (The Implacable Curse): Vrykolakas are compelled to vengeance and fear-mongering. When someone angers a Vrykolakas such that the action would provoke frenzy in another vampire, she must instead roll her Humanity. If she fails, she gains the Spiteful Condition.

    Favored Attributes: Manipulation or Resolve

    Disciplines: Celerity, Obfuscate, Protean, Vigor

    Spiteful (Persistent)

    You seek an eye-for-an-eye reckoning against those who offend you. Until the Condition is resolved, you can only spend Willpower in pursuit of revenge.

    Beat: Damage an important mortal relationship because to your pettiness.

    Resolution: Vengeance is served. Gain a dot of Humanity. Lose a dot of Humanity.
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