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    Originally posted by DubiousRuffian View Post
    Anyway, I guess my point is that if you're sick of hiding, and think that maybe there could be a better way, then you can get in on the fight against the Invictus. Join your local Carthian chapter. We're always looking for volunteers.
    Not to step on this too much, and also to engage with the bit I suspect the Ordo Dracul would have similar counterarguments if pressed on an ideological perspective, but:

    The bloodlust and the rage episodes and the losing the sun are all tied back to the same thing that is substantially responsible for the All Night Society being a toxic bunch of fuckers: the Beast, whether it's a separate entity curled up in the hollow of your soul or not, is a real thing that affects the Kindred at a more intense level than a couple of minor aversions and concrete triggers — any emotional setback, any empty space in the gas tank, any exposure to the cursèd daystar and its earthly counterparts can set you off, because the creature of darkness you've become is a solitary predator before anything else.

    The necessary maintenance you need to do to keep your strength of will primed against that loss of control? Tied up with holding off the isolating effects of being dead and at least kinda loving it. Your Humanity is soft-capped by regular reminders that you're not human anymore, and pretty much every time the pretense gets tested more than you're acclimated to, you get at least one bad night of toxic fuckery of your own while the monster perks its ears up and gets ready to enforce its claims.

    And it will have claims, which brings us to the issue with the usual recommendations of blood donation schemes: vampires hunt and feed to self-define. It's the other reason feeding on animals is looked at as kinda loathsome — Kindred eat people to feel like people, and elders get to be sorta alien in aspect because they have to feed on people who have to feed on people to feel like people, so if you're sating the Beast with the blood of beasts, how much can you be trusted to act human around humans?

    Even without getting into the limitations of stored blood, the things a vampire feeds on and the places that they lair in influence how they develop in ways many of them aren't going to want to leave to chance unless they're desperate — and being desperate as an ever-hungry blood-drinking predator-fiend has a way of opening up more dubious options than seizing the means of production.

    Incidentally, the other big thing pushing that desperation meter to climb higher and higher? "Dying" means spending typically years, maybe some weeks if you're lucky, in a nightmare coma. Stay down long enough and you might just wake up in time for an almost-certain hit to your relatability as civilization has moved on from your mortal days to such a degree that you don't know what people are like anymore! Not the most popular regulatory mechanism to recommend to anybody who isn't with the Impaled.

    Did we mention that this state will be all but inevitable if you can't keep yourself from suffering violence or accidents without dipping deeper into the well of blood-based recovery that your unnatural healing process now relies upon? This (and many other things, like the above) is why vampires are control freaks — they have a brutal resource-management puzzle stuck between their hearts and their egoes, and institutional corruption has historically been a solid way for them to keep it in check.

    If you can just build a perfect society, then surely vampires will have nothing to drive them to despair over! A pity, then, that vampirism is in many ways antithetical to the formation of a perfect society.

    Hoot hoot.
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