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Happy 15th Anniversary Vampire the Requiem - Your favorite books

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  • Happy 15th Anniversary Vampire the Requiem - Your favorite books

    According to Onyx's social media, yesterday was the 15th anniversary of Vampire the Requiem.

    Through the course of 15 years, there have been some great books published for this line. What are some of your favorites?

    Some of mine are:

    Damnation City: The city has always been important in Vampire, this book showed how to make it important and making the city a character unto itself.

    Ventrue Lords of the Damned: I can actually remember where I was when I opened this book. I had realized that it was a game changer, for me at least. The art, the stories and the immersion, so good.

    Deava: Kiss of the Succubus: The story, Kevin, is worth the price of admission. And the vampire Chick tracts are brilliant.

    What are your favorites?

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    The Blood first and foremost. Then the Mekhet book, personally, which shows something about my preferences in clans. And Requiem for Rome.


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      Really!? Damn...

      Well I got to say the 2nd Edition, Blood & Smoke chronicle, whatever, was simply stunning. I liked VtR, better then VtM (Though the emtaplot is fun), but 2nd edition just caught the feel and created a mood for this game where 1st VtR seemed like a clarified/simplified continuation of VtM. It also loosened the bounds of the crunch to match the mystery of all the fluff.

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        Not counting the second edition core, it's the clanbooks as a whole. The Rome books, too. Testament of Longinus is also up there.

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