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  • Touchstones

    What are some interesting Touchstones that your players or you have come up with.

    In a Vampire the Requiem - Dark Ages/Fantasy
    style game I had a player select street urchins and it worked really well. Another selected an antique table which sat in the middle of his restaurant. You should have seen the look on his face when a fight broke out and someone missed his target stabbing the table.

    Movie theater, opera house, TV show,

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    After having them deliberately violated or destroyed so NPCs can take effortless pot shots at my character on multiple occasions, I don't spend XP on touchstones and I tend to make my characters' starting touchstone disposable, terminally ill, or otherwise deliberately and permanently detached. (If the character is in a covenant, I typically just write the death, destruction or detachment in with the covenant joining process.)

    In any event, here's a short list of things that I've used or seen used at some point or other that weren't just spouses, lovers, parents, children, or BFFs. (All of them were destroyed or detached.)

    Office secretary position at character's office that conducts automobile imports and exports. Originally the office manager would find a reason to fire the secretary, erroneously thinking my character intended to replace her. It didn't start as one but it's a permanently detached touchstone that was inserted by the ST to replace the one he destroyed when he realized dead touchstone = torpored character if they don't get a replacement and was ending/stalling his own chronicle for x months. Now my character lets the office manager hire the secretary and if my character shows up at the office she'll fire the current secretary for (insert arbitrary reason here). If you've ever seen the original Murphy Brown series, you'll have an idea of what these secretaries are like and why they're usually fired. (Yes, the secretary introducing themself to my character as Ms. DiPesto and answering the phone with rhymes got herself canned.)

    Vietnam veteran with a drinking problem

    An empty Hershey bar wrapper - I had finished a Hershey bar when I was working on the character and chose it as a touchstone. A Hershey bar was the last food the character ate before they were turned.

    Glock 17 - sidearm issued to the character when she served in the military

    Custom built Bentley - built by a character's older brother and gifted to her when she went to university shortly before he was murdered.

    Siamese cats - originally a pair of kittens gifted to the character by a princess of Siam, the character has painstakingly made efforts to keep the line of cats purebred and catbreeding is one of his few normal hobbies. He will "rarely" give kittens from those lines as gifts to kindred or humans he holds in high regard and similarly regards the cats as more than just expensive snacks or prize money.

    Cigarette lighter - character got the lighter as a gift. He used it to burn all his cigarettes when he decided to quit smoking and currently as a Sanctified character, he uses it as a prop to encourage humans to abandon chemical vices.
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      In the near future I plan to play an old vampire either gangrel or ventrue that has two touchstones. The vampire is rather old and has lost almost all ties to her old human life. She a bit low on Humanity 3-4, she's rather savage, living in her own bat "cave" at the top of a building, sleeping at the heart of a bat colony. She can go for weeks without seeking human contacts, almost always followed by a smell of amonia due to where she sleeps, not even caring enough to wear clean clothes. The only time, where she will make sure to be clean and properly dressed is for interaction with her touchstone which allow her to keep some human interactions in her life even if the touchstones themselves are not even living things. Its the interactions around the touchstones which keep the lie alive.

      Her first touchstones is an ornithology club which she a member of. The vampire has a swarm of ghoulified bats and through slow planning, has managed to include the different species of bats that live in the city to be part of the interest of the club. There was one member in the past that was really opposed to that, but strangely, that members has ceased to come to the club meetings. This touchstone allow to join her passion of bats with the need to have human contact. But, she doesn't really care about the members of the club, its more the club itself that is important.

      Her second touchstone is a pair of Botalili (high end boots made by Christian Louboutin). The pair is displayed in a shoe store in the city, but strangely, people can't try them nor buy them. The only person that can do so is the vampire, which has made sure the boots will never be sold with dominate. So, whenever she feel the needs, she dress properly and go to the shoe store, try the boots, walk a little bit wearing them and discuss with the sellers about the advantages of such and such boots. She will often buy pairs of boots, which she owns pleinty, but she always says that for her touchstone she will maybe buy the pair another time.