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Beast-guiding and other thoughts...

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  • Beast-guiding and other thoughts...

    I've been thinking about running some WoD/CoD games after New Years and am considering trying something out in the new campaign, maybe not at first, but once everyone gets their legs under them with the system (some folks will be new to CoD). Namely, I've been kicking around the idea of having another PC play a character's Beast, similar to how Wraith handles the Shadow.

    This would primarily be dealing with Frenzy and, I suppose, any other situation where the Beast gets a say in things. So once a PC is being antagonized, trapped near a fire or very hungry or so, the other player would say when to roll to avoid Frenzy and what the Beast wants in these situations.

    Have any of you tried this before and if so, did it work okay? The mechanic seems to be a hit in Wraith (the other game that I want to run, incidentally) so I though it might port over okay to Requiem. Plus, it would be nice for me to delegate some responsibility and have one less thing to do as ST lol.

    Also, would it be a game breaker to toss the Blood Sympathy mechanic, or at least nerf it considerably? It reads too much like the Force to me, but I have not yet actually played Requiem and that mechanic might actually be very useful, I'm not sure. I don't want to toss it if it's an integral part of the characters' relationships.

    Interested to hear your thoughts...

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    Blood Sympathy rarely comes up when I play so ignore it if you want. What do you think is overpowered about it?


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      The corebook has a description for this on p 278. I've only run with small groups, but I think it'd be fun.

      The only thing I would caution about, is to make sure you keep open communication with your players and regularly check in. If they aren't all 100% on the twist, let it go. I know when I tried the Above All Feed Twist, it ended up making things really high pressure and wasn't a very enjoyable experience for my players, and but they kept going with it because "well it's not that bad...."


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        Sorry for the late reply here. I forgot that I had asked about this.

        Originally posted by Live Bait View Post
        Blood Sympathy rarely comes up when I play so ignore it if you want. What do you think is overpowered about it?
        I don't think so much that it's overpowered, I just don't like the idea of a telepathy network for blood-relatives for some reason. I'll probably just ditch it unless everyone wants to use it, or just make it something that only exists between sire and childe.

        Originally posted by DubiousRuffian
        The corebook has a description for this on p 278.
        Ah thanks, I must have missed that first time reading through the book. I knew I couldn't have been the first to think of it. I don't know if I like the idea of giving all Willpower decisions to the Beastguide, but I think it would be fun to have another player make the decisions of when to be tempted by frenzy or what to do when actually in frenzy. The people I'd be playing with are all pretty cool and mature gamers so I doubt there would be any abuse of it.


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          Makes sense, maybe downgrade the effects of each one step and keep it as a mostly plot event thing if your players do want it.


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            I think the goal for Blood sympathy is twofold. First, visions are a plot prompt. If a player gets beaten into torpor then a family member might come to save them. If need an inciting incident, or want to up the pressure, or just need to get info to your players, visions work well.

            Second (and I don't know if this has come accross to my players), discipline bonuses can create a really incestuous pit-of-vipers vibe to families. I think the Daeva clanbook does a good job of previewing this.

            Also, yeah, maybe keep your players' mask/dirge, but have Beastguides offer another route to willpower. Maybe let them kind of act like violent/destructive/viceridden impulses. Might create a cool dynamic where kindred are either workaholics, constantly keeping up appearances with the humans, or complete degenerates.