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'Good' vampires in VtR 2E - How possible?

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  • 'Good' vampires in VtR 2E - How possible?

    As the meme below - How possible is to play 'good' vampire in now Requiem? Characters like Angel from Buffy, Edward Compton from True Blood or other 'I will not kill humans'

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    I'm not sure how much of a "personal horror" game you'll get if all your players are wantonly murdering people. The struggle of retaining humanity is a key theme of the game.


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      Re: The Good Vampire

      As mentioned, maintaining Humanity, even decency is a core element of the game. You can be a good vampire,even a heroic one. But Vampire is not a game where you can mark Lawful Good on your sheet and call it done.

      It is going to require work. Everything in a vampire's existence, from the society they are a part of, to the urges in their own mind, are callous, selfish and violent. The requiem actively rewards the wicked. To be what most people consider "good" (compassion, humility, honesty, honor, kindness, mercy, peacefulness, etc) requires conscious effort and dedication. And such effort must be maintained even when being awful is easier and more effective.

      And you will stumble. You will hurt someone you didn't mean to hurt or you will give into that dark voice once too often. And that is OK. You will pick yourself back up, makes amends for what you have done wrong and endeavor to do better.

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        One of the things VtR 2e is good at, is making sure that being a "good" vampire is hard by making it complicated instead of mechanically difficult. The mechanics of maintaining high Humanity, and resisting Frenzy (the two biggest things a good vampire is going to be concerned with in that regard) are fairly straight forward.

        The stumbling blocks are in putting it into practice.

        As an example:

        Feeding off of animals is a strategy a vampire can take to avoid hurting humans. However, it doesn't last forever. As a vampire's Blood Potency increases (which it does automatically over time even if you don't put XP into it), they lose access to animals as food. But there's a solution there: voluntary torpor to reduce Blood Potency back to animal blood eating levels.

        But... going into torpor regularly has its own problems. Maintaining your Touchstones (key to keeping your Humanity up) is really hard if you're taking 25 year dirt naps on a regular basis.

        Trying to balance "doing the least harm in feeding," with, "keeping emotional bonds with humans to remember what you once were," is where things get hard, which makes playing a good vampire interesting.


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          If the metric of being a "good person" is simply to refrain from killing someone, vampires can qualify for Roman Catholic sainthood since their powers can enable them to pull off miracles. Not killing someone doesn't make you a good person. Nor do "vampires" corner the market for vile behavior.
          Humans are quite proficient at being evil assholes without any help or supernatural compulsion.


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            It’s a perfectly valid concept. There’s nothing stopping a vampire from trying to be a good person by human standards. Key word is trying, but that’s the same for humans, isn’t it? We try to be good people, but capitalism and patriarchy and institutional racism and imperialism make it impossible not to be involved with systems of exploitation. Vampire is basically a metaphor for that.

            Blood-drinking and ghouling and territory/herd management are all inherently exploitative on some level, as are a lot of basic vampire powers, but there are lots of ways to mitigate the harm. Even if the power dynamic is skewed, you don’t have to feed from unwilling victims, you don’t have to kill when you feed, and you don’t have to use mind control etc. At least not usually. But doing the wrong thing may be much more convenient than doing the right thing, as it so often is.

            In other words, while there are challenges to being high-Humanity*, and while peers who are willing to make more compromises will sneer**, it’s totally doable in the system and setting. The challenges are not meant to dissuade players from attempting it, but rather to provide dramatic tension between the character’s needs as a vampire and their desire to be the least bad monster they can be.

            *Having high Humanity isn’t exactly the same as being a good person, but it is a prerequisite to maintaining human-like feelings of compassion etc., as opposed to just going through the motions for the sake of the Masquerade. Very low-Humanity vamps might not even see the point in faking it. That said, the vampire who doesn’t really sympathize with mortals anymore but tries to behave in a conventionally moral fashion for other reasons (e.g. for the sake of a Touchstone) also strikes me as a valid concept.

            **And really, those who truly give in to the Beast are the villains of the story and dwell outside the mainstream of vampire society. All the PC types have to find some equilibrium. It’s just that many will find it easier to do so a bit further down the Humanity scale. So of course like most morally compromised people, they will encourage others to make similar compromises and resent those that don’t.
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