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    What's up gamers?
    I've been browsing these forums for a while, and with the event of the very excellent Bloodlines the Devoted [and to a lesser extent, Spilled Blood] I wanted to blow the dust off one of my bloodline conversions and share. So, uh, that's what this is, my take on a 2e version of one my favorite 1e bloodlines: the Rötgrafen.

    It was a lot of fun trying to come up with a gift that played with their whole "sea raider apocalypse cult" deal without shackling them to it. I eventually arrived at the delightfully weird question, "what if they ghoul their boats?" Everything else sorta fell into place from there. I can see myself making a few more tweaks [Enduring Treasure was actually something I only thought of today, despite this conversion existing for about a year and a half], but everything else I consider basically finished. Though, I kinda wanna stat up Sigrun's apocalypse cult as a minor covenant or mystery cult, but I would need to give it more thought. Regardless, hope you like my take on the Sea Kings!


    I also drew a picture.
    Nickname: Sea Kings
    Parent Clan: Ventrue
    Bloodline Bane [The Fire God’s Curse]: In addition to the Ventrue clan bane, Sea Kings cap all mundane pools by their Humanity dots when faced with the threat of fire. This includes rolls to resist Frenzy if they currently have no attached Touchstones.
    Favored Attributes: Resolve or Strength
    Disciplines: Animalism, Dominate, Protean, Resilience

    Bloodline Gift: Ghost Ships
    The open ocean is a desert, especially for Kindred. However, as long as they have their ships, the Rötgrafen do not fear its barren waves. In a process similar to ghouling, Sea Kings bind vessels to their Blood, creating ghost ships. So long as one continues to feed it her Vitae, its gifts protect her from the hungry sea.

    A Sea King creates a ghost ship by spilling 5 Vitae onto its deck and spending a point of Willpower. This adds his Blood Potency to the ship’s Structure and the ship is treated as having a stage three Blood Bond towards the Sea King. The ghost ship’s state can be maintained with a monthly tithe of 2-5 Vitae, depending on the ship’s Size. Sufficient bloodshed on the ship may reduce this cost by 1 for the month, as the deck’s boards and walls eagerly drink spilt lifesblood. If the ship does not receive its tithe it becomes fragile and swiftly falls apart, reducing its Durability to 0 and losing a point of Structure every night. These effects end if it is fed 5 Vitae, though any lost Structure must be repaired as normal.

    A ghost ship is not a proper ghoul, and it cannot access or use Disciplines. However, the Sea King’s power still passes into her ghost ship, becoming its Laws. These are her Disciplines, expressed in salt, wood, and steel. She may only benefit from a Law once she has developed the first dot of the associated Discipline and fed her ship at least one point of Vitae. Each Law and its associated Discipline are listed below:

    Law of Absence [Resilience]: As long as she is aboard her ship, the Sea King’s metabolism slows, and Vitae spent to wake keeps her active for an entire week. If she sets foot on land before the week is up, the effect ends and she must spend 1 Vitae or immediately succumb to daysleep.

    Law of Command [Dominate]: The ghost ship is always treated as having the Mesmerized Condition for the purposes of the Dominate Discipline. The ship responds to commands normally impossible for it to complete, animated by word and Blood.

    Law of Dominion [Animalism]: The Sea King enjoys the benefits of the Haven merit at five dots, ignoring prerequisites, as long as he is aboard his ship. If his ship already has a Haven, the effects stack.

    Law of Union [Protean]: Use of Unmarked Grave aboard the Sea King’s ghost ship costs her no Vitae, no matter the ship’s material make-up.


    Enduring Treasure [•-•••]
    Prerequisites: Rötgrafen
    Effect: Immortality comes easier to objects, and your character can impart some of this gift to his fleets. His ghost ships subtract his rating in this merit from all damage they would suffer, before applying Durability. This is different from Armor or Durability, and ignores effects that bypass either. This effect immediately ends if the ship has gone a month without Vitae.
    In addition, if the Sea King falls into Torpor, his ghost ships immediately enter a state of hibernation. They lose all benefits of being a ghost ship, but will not fall apart when denied their tithe of blood. In this state, they double this Merit’s usual benefit, becoming uncommonly resistant to anything that would deny them reunion with their master.
    Drawback: The bonds your character forms with his ships run deeper than those of his peers. Whenever one of his ghost ships is destroyed he suffers a breaking point as if he had lost a Touchstone.

    Lord of Salt and Spray [••]
    Prerequisites: Protean ••, Rötgrafen
    Effect: So long as she stands in or near seawater, whenever your character grows claws, fangs, or other injurious features with Protean, those weapons become wreathed in salt crystals. These crystals break off as she strikes, causing extremely painful wounds in mortals and other living opponents. This inflicts the moderate Sick Tilt until the end of the scene.


    Part of the Ship, Part of the Crew [Dominate 2, Protean 1, Rötgrafen]
    While any Lord can press-gang a boarding party, Rötgrafen don’t always have the luxury of looking their targets in the eye, lacking so little shelter from the sun at sea. However, some have learned to use their ship as a conduit for their will, enslaving invaders with inaudible whispers from salt-licked wood. A part of their ship, and a part of their crew.
    Cost: 2 Vitae
    Dice Pool: None
    Action: Instant
    Rötgrafen may activate this Devotion while using Unmarked Grave on one of their ghost ships. For the rest of the scene, she may reflexively use Mesmerize or Iron Edict on anyone touching her ship once per turn, so long as she remains within it. Using Mesmerize in this way applies a -2 penalty to the dice pool, as wood and steel interfere with the fidelity of her will.
    Once she has inflicted the Mesmerized or Enthralled Conditions this way, the Sea King has the option to issue commands to her thralls instead of activating Mesmerize or Iron Edict each turn. Doing so always causes her target to briefly stumble or pause.
    This Devotion costs 2 Experiences to learn.

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    As someone who worked on both Bloodlines: The Devoted and Spilled Blood, this gets my approval.

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      Originally posted by Yossarian View Post
      As someone who worked on both Bloodlines: The Devoted and Spilled Blood, this gets my approval.
      I'm glad you approve! I admit I, uh, really had to psych myself up to post it in the first place, so that makes me feel a lot better.

      Maybe I'll look at some of the other conversions I've done and see what touch-ups I can make before sharing them, too.

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