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    I think the Black Cauldron is a fae Treasure (I think it mentions that in the Arthurian part of Dark Eras 2).

    “No one holds command over me. No man, no god, no Prince. Call your damn Hunt. We shall see who I drag screaming down to hell with me.” The last Ahrimane says this when Mithras calls a Blood Hunt against her. She/her.


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      Werewolves don't have an exclusive license to any of those things.

      The fae are capable of healing.

      The fae have this practice called the Wild Hunt. Even dying won't protect you from being abducted or ripped apart depending on the purpose of the hunt.

      The fae have mystically backed pledges, bargains, oaths. They organize themselves into courts aligned with mutual respect and/or the fact that their power is derived from a concept such as light versus darkness, the necessity of balance between the four elements, or the cyclical nature of the seasons.

      As I said, Crochan is taken from the concept of witches practicing cauldron magic. It's not some unique idea that just popped up in the past few years.


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        - What happened to the Croachan Witches?
        - To what degree where they connected/related to either the Lost or True Fae?
        - Does it have any form of connection, parallel or relation to the heart-stealing blood magic of the Sons of Phobos and similar groups?
        - How might the oath-making capacities of Crochan interact or mix with Invictus' Oaths? In fact, could one have inspired the other, at least in a few places in late ancient/early middle ages western europe?

        Just some random thoughts, that i imagine, might cross the undead mind of a modern Bron of somewhat scholarly bent.
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