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Malkavia, Malkovians, and Dementation (2e Homebrew)

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  • Malkavia, Malkovians, and Dementation (2e Homebrew)

    So, here's something I brewed up.

    I'm about to start a new campaign with a group that's quite experienced with V20 (we just finished a year-long Chronicle) but very new to Requiem. As part of the design, one of the players was originally thinking of creating a character suffering from Malkavia. That, in turn, had me go through the boards to see if anyone had done an update that I liked. I've seen, I think, three or four, several very good, but none that immediately appealed to me. So, since I also have Rose Bailey's excellent guide to Discipline Creation, I decided to make my own version of Dementation...and Malkavia, and then figured I'd throw in the Malkovians Bloodline as well, as well as a few Devotions and Merits that were bouncing around inside my head.

    Now, I think that I may have shot a bit past what people might want in Dementation, since I'm rather explicitly moving it away from the "madness power" that it's traditionally tended to be, to instead go much more into the intermingling of minds and impulses. That might be to your liking, or it might not. I put together this entire thing, along with a document detailing my reasoning (and the steps of Discipline Creation spelled out explicitly) here. Anyway, here's the Discipline. Enjoy!

    Malkavia is a mystical disease - principally spread through blood - that opens the mind to outside mental impulses, and likewise allows those mental impulses to leak out into their environment, twisting the minds of others. The disease is most prevalent in members of Clan Ventrue due to the Lords’ particular challenges with Humanity, but can be found anywhere.

    Almost anyone can become one of the Afflicted, at least for a time. The disease does not discriminate in its targets, and can infect Vampires, Ghouls, Mortals, Dhampirs, Werewolves and much stranger beings besides. The only beings that cannot normally be infected are those that are entirely insubstantial or incapable of consuming infected blood. As a rule of thumb, any entity that can both drink Vampire blood or have its blood drunk (barring anomalies like Unnatural Affinity) can validly be infected. Others cannot.

    However, only a few beings can function as permanent reservoirs for the disease. While a mortal might suffer from temporary symptoms after being fed tainted blood, the disease eventually passes. It is only those that can learn the Discipline of Dementation that can become permanently infected.

    Infection always happens through the consumption of blood, either by consuming another’s blood or having it consumed. Upon doing so, make a Detachment roll against their current Humanity level. For mortals, instead roll Resolve + Composure as though undergoing a breaking point. For other beings, use whatever equivalent they have. Apply no modifiers for circumstance to the roll, but apply all modifiers that always would (such as the presence or absence of Touchstones), as well as a further -1 penalty for each point of blood consumed. If the prospective Afflicted lacks an equivalent trait or cannot lose it, consider the roll an automatic failure.

    Roll Results:
    Dramatic Failure: The prospective Malkavian gains the Malkavia Condition, which cannot be resolved until at least a week has passed.
    Failure: The prospective Malkavian gains the Malkavia Condition. She may repeat this same roll every 24 hours, resolving the Condition on a success.
    Success: The prospective Afflicted resists Malkavia, this time.
    Exceptional Success: The prospective Afflicted does not just resist; he is temporarily protected from further infection and cannot be infected for the rest of the story.

    Effect: Your character suffers from Malkavia. She is besieged by the impressions, thoughts and memories of others. Whenever she experiences significant interpersonal stress (see below) in another’s presence, she makes a roll as if to resist infection. She takes a penalty to this roll equal to the number of times she has used Dementation in the session. If she fails, she gains the Delusional or False Memory Condition. This Condition tends to be cobbled-together from the minds of those around her, giving her some potential insights into their beliefs (once resolved, anyway). The Condition can be resisted and resolved as normal.The Condition can be resisted and resolved as normal, and otherwise lapses without resolving at the end of the session.

    If a Condition has been gained and resolved, the Afflicted is immune to further rolls for the rest of the session. This is not true if the Condition is lost without being resolved.

    On the upside, she may now learn Dementation as an out-of-Clan Discipline. If she has not developed a Bloodline, she may additionally become part of Bloodline Malkovian. Doing so renders the Condition Persistent and obviates the roll to resolve it. If the Malkavia Condition is ever resolved, it is reasserted whenever the Malkavian uses the Dementation Discipline or any Devotion or Merit dependent on it.
    Possible Sources: Drinking Malkavian blood.
    Resolution: Resolve the Condition as above. Gaining a point of Humanity (or equivalent) instantly resolves even persistent Malkavia.

    For the purposes of the Malkavia Condition, interpersonal stress is essentially any meaningfully stressful occurrence (to either herself or another) in the presence of others. This particularly includes, but is not limited to:
    • Combat
    • Social Maneuvering
    • Feeding
    • Injury
    • Frenzy
    It should be noted that the Malkavia Condition can be spread through Dementation in much the same way as any other mental Condition, though all the normal strictures apply.

    Bloodline Malkovian

    For most of Clan Ventrue, Malkavia is a painful reminder of the Lords’ weakness when they grow too distant from Humanity. At the same time, Malkavia is to many a boogieman, something that they are unlikely to encounter, less likely to be Afflicted with.

    Not so for the unfortunate Kindred of the Malkovians.

    Malkovians are a specialized bloodline that crops up occasionally within those Ventrue suffering from Malkavia. Whether this is the original bloodline of whatever patient zero first spawned the Affliction or a wholly new twist of the blood is immaterial: The results are the same. Malkovians, when they Embrace, are likely to Embrace further Malkovians, driving the

    The Malkovians are disliked among the Kindred, and by none more so than their parent Clan. Commonly seen as a blight, the Ventrue often seek to exterminate anyone who initiates into the Bloodline.

    Nickname: Afflicted, Blights, Lunatics

    Parent Clan: Ventrue

    Disciplines: Dominate, Animalism, Resilience, Auspex

    Bloodline Weakness: All Malkovians suffer from Malkavia, and take a -2 to all rolls to resist the mental synesthesia caused by Malkavia.

    Bloodline Gift: In addition to being able to develop Dementation, the Malkovians gain the Omen Sensitivity Merit for free, and add the higher of their Dementation and Auspex rating to the roll. They pay 1 fewer Experience for each Discipline dot or Devotion related to Dementation, to a minimum of 1.


    No person is a whole. People are made up of countless different thoughts, pressures, impulses and memories. What we call a personality as opposed to a mood is just the most stable congerie of those combined psychological traits.

    Those suffering from Malkavia, then, are quite literally not all there. Something blasted open their minds, and now their thoughts and emotions are leaking out like drops of blood and little, bloody bits of brain matter.

    With this flaking of identity, however, comes the power of Dementation. Out goes the Malkavian’s mind...and with it comes the Beast, inflicting his condition upon others and supping on their minds in turn, there to unearth secrets and powers.

    Delusory Certainty •

    At the most basic competence, one of the Afflicted can alter the mind of the most obvious target: herself. By assembling fragments of truth and lie that bounce around inside her skull, she cangrant to herself any belief whatsoever. This allows her, in turn, to be completely unaffected by anything that contradicts her beliefs.

    Cost: None
    Dice Pool: None
    Action: Reflexive
    Duration: One Night

    The Vampire takes the Delusional Condition. She may choose any sort of false statement to believe in, with the following caveat. She may not inflict a belief that she knows or to be true. She could convince herself that her coterie-mates intend to murder her if she has no indications that they intend to do so. If, however, she previously uncovered such a plan, she may not use this power to convince herself, but she could use it to convince herself that they intend to Diablerize her instead.

    So long as she has the Delusional Condition, she is immune to all mundane persuasion that would convince her otherwise (treat her Impression as Hostile for the purpose of social maneuvering on this subject). Further, this power allows for a Clash of Wills against anything that would force her to act, feel or believe anything that contradicts her Delusion. Her memories also actively rearrange themselves to match her beliefs.

    She can use this power at any time, including in reaction to another’s argument or thought that would cause her to believe something contradictory. Therefore, she may respond to a character’s use of Confidante by deluding herself that she hates him, which will allow her an immediate Clash of Wills.

    The power lasts a night by default, though all the normal forms of the Delusional Condition being resolved still function. In addition, if the Vampire’s false beliefs are proven true (such as if the Elder she convinced herself was a member of Belial’s Brood does, in fact, turn out to be a member of Belial’s Brood) the Condition is also resolved immediately.

    Memetic Infection ••

    Having learned to put a false thought into his own head the Malkavian can now crack open the minds of others, letting delusions flow easily from one person to another.

    Cost: 1 Vitae
    Dice Pool: Manipulation + Investigation + Dementation
    Action: Instant and Contested; Victim rolls Resolve + Blood Potency
    Duration: One Night

    This power targets a victim with one or more Conditions, which can include the Malkavian himself. The Vampire chooses between the following:
    • Mental State. This allows the Storyteller to pick up any single mental Condition that the victim suffers from. A valid mental Condition here is, essentially, any effect that affects someone’s mind, emotions or memories. This can include supernaturally-inflicted Conditions where applicable.
    • Secrets. This allows for a particular secret to be dredged up, treating it as the Embarrassing Secret Condition. Depending on how far the secret spreads, this may in turn inflict the Leveraged or Notoriety Condition for the purpose of this power.
    • Memories. This allows for the selection of a memory, treating it as the False Memories Condition (despite not being False) for the purpose of this power.
    If the Vampire has any detailed knowledge of any of those (such as a particular Condition or memory he believes someone has), he can select that. Otherwise, the affected character’s player selects one. A Vampire always knows their own mental state and any secrets and memories they could spread.

    Roll Results:
    Dramatic Failure: The Vampire immediately inflicts the Condition on herself, choosing a particular secret or memory of some sort to broadcast.
    Failure: The victim shudders as they are acutely reminded of the condition or memory.
    Success: The Vampire succeeds at making the victim’s mind contagious. They take the Mental Contagion Condition, which resolves at the end of the night.
    Exceptional Success: The Vampire gleans insight into the victim while opening their mind. They gain the Informed or Inspired Condition, depending on if they used it on someone else or themselves.

    A particular Condition is copied exactly, even if this makes little sense. If the Mesmerized Condition is copied from one victim to another, the Vampire does not have two separately Mesmerized victims. Instead, the Vampire has a Mesmerized victim, who remembers certain things and acts a certain way, and a second one that remembers (and acts) the exact same way. This is true even if the second person is somewhere completely different, making this power useful for getting people to walk around in the same direction chanting your name, but less so for an actually-useful way to enslave others. Likewise, if John’s False Memories of having committed a murder are copied to Sarah, Sarah does not remember John committing murder: She remembers committing it herself, even if she sees her own face as a witness in the course of that memory.

    If the Condition is resolved or altered for the either the original victim or the person they infected (such as if John’s memories of the murder were erased) the Condition is altered for all such people. However, any such alteration is resisted, contested or withstood by the most resistant person who has the Condition.

    Mental Contagion
    Effect: One of your mental Conditions has become contagious. It will infect the first sapient person in your physical vicinity that you interact with (where interaction is effectively any activity aimed by one person at another where both people are aware of each other) who is capable of having the now-contagious Condition. When doing so, roll your own Presence + Empathy contested by their Composure + Blood Potency. A Malkavian defender may choose to add their Dementation to the roll to resist, or to fail automatically. If you succeed, you inflict the Condition on them, which lasts for a night or until you resolve the Condition yourself (whichever comes first).

    Regardless of whether or not you succeed, the victim understands which Condition you would have inflicted upon them. This knowledge is gained before the roll to resist, meaning that anyone who has knowledge of Dementation can make an informed decision whether or not to resist. The Condition stops spreading after the first infection attempt, whether successful or not.

    It is possible for a character to have multiple versions of his Condition: In that case, roll once (using the highest dice pool, if the Conditions were inflicted by different Malkavians), and apply the Condition based on its success or failure.
    Possible Sources: the Dementation Discipline
    Beat: The first time in a night you succeed or fail at inflicting a Condition on someone else, as above.
    Resolution: This Condition resolves at the end of the night. It also resolves if you resolve the underlying Condition.

    Pry The Mind •••

    The Vampire, having been able to force open a victim’s mind, has now learned to be more...selective with her attentions. Instead of beating at another’s brain and seeing what falls out she can, with some careful work, jam a crowbar into a victim’s mind and pry it open, all the better to look at the bloody goods within.

    Cost: The first use in any given scene is free; every other use requires a point of Vitae
    Dice Pool: Wits + Empathy + Dementation
    Action: Instant and Contested; Victim rolls Composure + Blood Potency
    Duration: Instant

    Roll Results:
    Dramatic Failure: Not only does the Vampire fail, she thinks she has succeeded. She takes the Delusional Condition on what she has found.
    Failure: The Vampire fails to discover anything about the victim, who suddenly notices the Vampire’s attention.
    Success: The Vampire learns a single mental Condition that the victim suffers. If the victim has more than one, she learns that as well.
    Exceptional Success: The Vampire learns of all the Conditions a victim suffers, instead.

    Cerebral Eruption ••••

    Now, the Vampire’s power spreads even further. He can now cause his contagious beliefs to be inflicted much more widely. Now, entire hordes of people can be made to all feel a certain way, remember a certain memory, see a certain thing.

    Cost: 2 Vitae (+1 Willpower)
    Dice Pool: None
    Action: None, enhances Mimetic Infection
    Duration: One Night

    The victim’s Mental Contagion Condition no longer infects just the first person they come into contact with. Instead, it continues to spread (though no more than once per victim). If they choose to spend a point of Willpower, anyone victimized by Mental Contagion also gains the Mental Contagion Condition, which likewise infects anyone they come into contact with (though no more than once per vector per victim).

    At this point, the victims also become better able to oppose any power that might remove their associated Condition. All such powers must succeed on a Clash of Wills against the Malkavian. The Malkavian’s power to resist this improves dependent on the number of people she has infected.

    • Handful of people: 9-again.
    •• Small crowd: 8-again.
    ••• Large crowd: Rote quality.

    Conception Incarnate •••••

    At the pinnacle of Dementation, the Vampire is no longer a person. Instead, she becomes an awareness, an understanding, an idea that roves through those she has afflicted with her power.

    Requirement: Must have infected someone with Memetic Infection
    Cost: 2 Vitae
    Dice Pool: None
    Action: Instant
    Duration: One Night

    The Vampire becomes incarnate in those she has deluded. While she remains within her body (and is just as aware of it as normal), her mind expands to touch those of everyone who currently has a Mental Contagion Condition that she initiated. If she has multiple Memetic Infections currently active spreading different Conditions, she must choose which group to incarnate into. She can choose to incarnate into multiple groups using this Discipline, which will then ‘merge’ those groups, everyone gaining the Memetic Infection Condition suffered by both groups.

    In this form, she is aware of the location of anyone who has the Mental Contagion Condition or who has had a Condition imposed on them through the Mental Contagion Condition, including those who gain it later (causing her awareness to expand). This, in turn, likewise causes her to gain the Mental Contagion Condition. She counts as having first-degree Blood Sympathy with anyone in which she is incarnate and can gain the senses of all such people with an instant action (losing her own until she reflexively ends it). She further becomes aware of any moment in which the Condition might spread, and the identity of its victim if she would recognize them. She may reflexively add her Dementation to any rolls to spread the Mental Contagion or exempt a particular victim, should she so desire.

    In this form, the Malkavian can use any of her Dementation powers on any current carrier, or anyone she can sense through a carrier, as though she were physically present. She can use Delusory Certainty on anyone already suffering as if they were part of her, which causes it to spread through all current carriers (including the Vampire herself) and continue spreading from there, automatically riding the same Mental Contagion Condition. The Mental Contagion Condition now resolves only when all associated Conditions are resolved (or after its normal time limit). Using Pry the Mind on any current carrier never counts against her per-scene limit in doing so. If she uses Mimetic Infection on anyone she is incarnating in, the spreading Condition instantly spreads through all carriers, ‘riding’ on the existing Mental Contagion Condition and spreading along with it.


    Devotions related to Malkavia tend to focus on enhancing the delusions it causes. In some cases, it instead allows for the spread of the Malkavians’ delusions through different media. Finally, a substantial part of the Devotions are based around enhancing the effects of the contagion it spreads.

    Asymptomatic Carrier
    (Dementation ••••)
    The Afflicted’s mental synesthesia can be an insidious thing. Rather than tear into its victims like a murderous beast it worms itself into their minds, there to lie in wait until a more suitable victim arrives.
    Cost: None
    Dice Pool: None; Enhances Memetic Infection

    With this Devotion, whenever anyone with the Mental Contagion Condition is prevented from spreading a Condition due its inapplicability (such as a Mortal gaining the Tempted Condition), they can nevertheless be infected, gaining it along with the Mental Contagion Condition. However, the Condition is inert for them, and is useful only for passing on to victims that can be affected (or, with the willpower enhanced of Cerebral Eruption, to everyone else as well, likewise giving them an inert Condition and the Mental Contagion Condition).

    This Devotion costs 2 Experiences to learn. An alternative version exists which requires Dementation ••••, Animalism •, costs 3 Experiences and allows animals to function as carriers for any Conditions, as well as be affected by them.

    (Dementation ••, Vigor ••)
    The Vampire has let his opened mind leak into his surroundings. When the Beast burst forth from him, it does so by invading his victim’s mind and befouling it with its own compulsions.
    Cost: 1 Vitae
    Dice Pool: None
    Action: Reflexive

    When using the Predatory Aura, the Vampire may choose to add their Dementation to the roll. If they win, rather than the normal Condition they would inflict, they must inflict one of their own mental Conditions.

    This Devotion costs 2 Experiences to learn.

    Demented Apparition
    (Dementation •••••, Nightmare or Obfuscate •)
    The Malkavian, having learned to incarnate themselves into the minds of others, may
    Requirement: The Malkavian must be using Conception Incarnate
    Cost: None for basic effect, +1 Vitae for Discipline usage
    Dice Pool: None; enhances Conception Incarnate
    Action: Reflexive

    Whenever the Vampire uses Conception Incarnate to incarnate herself in others, she has the ability to briefly appear to them. This allows her to communicate with them as though a hallucination. Additionally, it allows her to use the effects of any non-physical Disciplines on them such as Auspex, Nightmare, Dominate or Majesty.

    This Devotion costs 4 Experiences to learn.

    Grant Obsession
    (Dementation •)
    A Malkavian’s mind is fractured, yes, but such fractures can take on many forms. By gathering specific bits of his former personality and arranging them into a new whole, the Afflicted can temporarily focus greatly on a particular subject to the detriment of anything else.

    Cost: None for the first use in any given Chapter; 1 Vitae for every use thereafter
    Dice Pool: None
    Action: Reflexive

    This power functions exactly like Delusory Certainty, but grants the Obsession Condition on a certain subject.

    This Devotion costs 1 Experience to learn. An advanced version of this Devotion exists, requiring Dementation • and either Dominate ••• or Majesty •••, costing 2 Experiences, which allows the user to give the Obsession Condition to anyone she has Mesmerized or Enthralled respectively. The Condition persists even after the end of the other Condition.

    Grave of the Mind
    (Dementation ••, Protean •)
    The Vampire, having made others’ mind a fertile home, can now likewise use their bodies as a vehicle for himself.
    Requirement: Must be physically near someone with the Mental Contagion Condition or who is infected with a Mental Contagion Condition that you inflicted.
    Cost: 1 Vitae

    This Devotion effectively turns victims of your Memetic Infection power into viable targets for Unmarked Grave. This follows most of those rules. While she sinks into a single body, the Afflicted effectively treats all people infected through the same Mental Contagion Condition as being part of the earth she sank into.

    The Vampire cannot feed from mortals or vampires while using this power, but may absorb blood or Vitae as normal if it lands anywhere on them. This allows her to take the first point of Vitae from any Vampire who feeds while she is so infecting them, to a maximum per turn equal to her normal feeding speed.

    Grave of the Mind can be forcibly ended by doing damage equal to one-quarter of the shared Health of all infected people within the span of a scene.

    If Grave of the Mind is ended voluntarily, you may exit through any person that counts as infected. If it ends forcibly, you emerge at the location of the greatest damage.

    This Devotion costs 1 Experience to learn. An advanced version exists which requires Protean •••••, costs 4 Experiences, and allows the Malkavian to feed from any infected as per Primeval Miasma (“grappling” and “biting” as per normal).

    Hasten Investigation
    (Dementation •••, Auspex •••)
    The Afflicted Synthesizes subtle cues in her environment, combining them into a coherent whole.
    Cost: None; or 1 Vitae
    Dice Pool: None;
    Action: Instant

    Activating this power heightens the Malkavian’s perceptive powers. For the rest of the scene, she can add her dots in Auspex to all mundane rolls to investigate anything. If the Investigation system is used, this prevents her from getting Tainted Clues, upgrading them to Incomplete. If she spends a point of Vitae she can add her dots in Dementation as successes. If the Investigation system is used, this grants extra elements to the Clue equal to her dots in Dementation.

    This Devotion costs 3 Experiences to learn. An advanced version of this Devotion exists that additionally requires Celerity 2 and costs 4 Experiences, but allows her to spend a point of Vitae to perform any investigative action in a single turn.

    Hive Mind
    (Dementation ••••, Auspex ••••)
    The Vampire takes the victims of his Mental Contagion and binds them together even more tightly, forcing them into constant communication
    Cost: 1 Willpower to establish ; 1 Vitae for traits
    Dice Pool: None; enhances Memetic Infection
    Action: None; enhances Memetic Infection

    The Vampire may activate this Devotion whenever they activate Memetic Infection. Doing so allows all victims of mental Contagion to speak to each other as per Lay Open The Mind. If any of the victims actually do have Lay Open The Mind, they can additionally use that power to probe others with it.

    Further, once a connection has been made the Vampire may spend a point of Vitae and designate two victims and any of the following:
    • A mental or social attribute
    • A skill
    • A merit dependent on neither physical shape nor external connections
    • A Discipline
    • A Devotion
    Doing so grants the power to both people within the Hive Mind who qualify for it, at the highest level possessed by either of them, for the duration of Hive Mind.

    This Devotion costs 4 Experiences to learn.

    Repress the Mind
    (Dementation ••)
    The Malkavian takes certain personality traits and packages them all into the most subconscious recesses of her mind. She suppresses the Condition, but at the cost of feeding her Beast.

    Cost: 2 Vitae
    Dice Pool: None
    Action: Reflexive

    When activated, the Malkavian takes a mental Condition she has and suppresses it completely. If this is performed on a Condition that was supernaturally imposed she must first defeat the user in a Clash of Wills. Upon success, the Condition is put away into her subconscious mind, only to be released when she wants it to. She may release the Condition at any time she desires, at which point it resumes as though no time has passed at all. Until she does, however, she takes a -2 to rolls to resist Frenzy, cumulative for all Conditions she has so suppressed.

    This Devotion costs 1 Experience to learn.

    Supersede Delusion
    (Dementation •, Resilience •)
    By taking the preternatural resilience of the Vampiric frame and applying it to the mind, the Vampire can momentarily overcome many of their problems.
    Cost: 1 Vitae
    Dice Pool: None
    Action: Reflexive

    The Vampire selects any mental Condition they knowingly suffer from and spends a Vitae. For the rest of the scene, the Condition does not affect them. This does not apply to Conditions brought on by outside forces.

    This Devotion costs 1 Experience to learn.

    The Hundred Faces
    (Malkavia ••, Dominate •••••)
    The Malkavian mixes the Lord’s Voice with the memetic infection known from Pry the Mind and copies someone’s personality in its entirety.
    Cost: +1 Vitae, +1 Willpower
    Dice Pool: None, enhances Memetic Infection

    If this power proves successful, instead of transplanting part of the victim’s personality, the Malkavian can transplant their entire personality. This has the following effect on the victim whose personality is overwritten:
    • Replace their Virtue and Vice, Dirge and Mask, or equivalent with those of the overwriting personality.
    • Give them the False Memories condition applying to their entire history.
    • Change their Aspirations, and any equivalents such as Obsessions, to those granted by the overwriting personality.
    • Give them all of the overwriting personality’s skill specialties.
    This Devotion costs 3 Experiences to learn.


    Asylum (•-•••••)
    Requirement: Herd •, Malkavian
    Effect: Your character draws his herd from the ignored and unmissed: This might be a literal asylum, or the homeless, or the patients of a care facility. Either way, your character’s feeding allows her to safely take blood without others noticing the issues caused by her Dementation, and from there to take on a particular Condition unburdened by the normal stresses. Once per story per dot in this Merit, your character may choose a feed and take on the Delusional or False Memories Condition as decided by the player, rather than the storyteller. Further, dots in Asylum count dots in Anonymity for the purpose of investigating the Vampire from her feeding habits.

    Extrude Vitae (•• or ••••)
    Requirement: Grave of the Mind
    Effect: Your character may extrude Vitae directly into any person she is currently inhabiting through Grave of the Mind. This can cause Blood Bonds and ghoul as normal. At two dots, this has an extra surcharge of 1 Vitae for every point so extruded. At 4 dots, there is no surcharge.

    Omen Sensitivity (•••)
    Requirement: Auspex •••, Dementation •••
    Effect: This Merit functions exactly as does Omen Sensitivity, including qualifying for other Merits, despite the Vampire ordinarily being incapable of using the Merit.

    Stolen Skills (••)
    Requirement: Malkavian
    Effect: Your character has spent sufficient time bathing in the light of others’ presence that he has taken their lessons to heart. He takes no penalties for using any skill untrained.
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    I would have the condition allow the ST to change the delusion of false memory at the start of each session or add a new one otherwise it could become redundant if the group handles the sufferer well.


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      Thank you for your feedback!

      I've edited the Condition slightly: The Delusional/False Memories Condition now lapses (without resolving) at the end of each session, meaning there's an incentive to dealing with it head-on. Further stipulate that, if you succeed at resolving the Condition gained, you do not have to keep rolling.


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        This is cool as hell. I really like your thinking in the design section and I think you’ve hit a sweet spot around getting what makes Malkavians both appealing and tragic from a narrative perspective.

        For me personally, I’d be thinking about making the rules a bit more stream-lined. One simplifying option would be replacing the various fractions (one-tenth of those infected, etc) with a short reference table. I’d be thinking about something similar to the Advanced Scale - Number of Subjects table in Mage (p. 114). It would reduce book keeping and maybe it less essential to individually track every infected subject.


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          Originally posted by Eggs Maledict View Post
          This is cool as hell. I really like your thinking in the design section and I think you’ve hit a sweet spot around getting what makes Malkavians both appealing and tragic from a narrative perspective.

          For me personally, I’d be thinking about making the rules a bit more stream-lined. One simplifying option would be replacing the various fractions (one-tenth of those infected, etc) with a short reference table. I’d be thinking about something similar to the Advanced Scale - Number of Subjects table in Mage (p. 114). It would reduce book keeping and maybe it less essential to individually track every infected subject.

          Thank you for your feedback. I changed the particular wording in the four-dot power (to make it equivalent to the 'crowd' stuff MtAw2 uses for things like unraveling).