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Describing each Covenant with just three major tenets or beliefs

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  • Describing each Covenant with just three major tenets or beliefs

    I find the Covenant write-ups in Requiem 2nd edition to be far more flavourful... But they also make the core essence of each Covenant a bit harder to filter out through from the text.

    If you had to describe each of the major Covenants with just three major tenets or beliefs that are central to them, what would they be?

    For instance, for the Lancea et Sanctum, I might go with:
    * God is real and has communicated his place for Vampires to Longinus through his angels
    * Vampires are sinners and irrevocably Damned, but they do have a purpose
    * The purpose of Vampires is put the fear of God in mortals and thereby help them towards salvation

    For the Invictus, I might say something like:
    * Preserving the Masquerade is of the utmost importance
    * Accumulating and preserving power amongst Kindred and mortals is necessary to preserve the Masquerade
    * Hierarchy - and competition within it - allows the Invictus as a whole to best maintain and acquire power

    Those are just a rough draft for two of the Covenants, but I found it kind of surprisingly hard to pull together even that just by reading the write-ups in the 2nd edition rulebook.

    What would you say are the core tenets for each Covenant?

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    - Mortal political systems are more effective than those made by Kindred
    - All vampires are equal, but humans are just the means of production
    - The Masquerade is a necessary evil, but it is Law

    Circle of the Crone
    - The Beast is not your enemy, but there's a right way to be a monster
    - Feed well and often, for there are no limits
    - The Masquerade is an obstacle, but it keeps us from falling too far

    - Immortality is an investment
    - Blood must flow, but not to everyone
    - The Masquerade is the only way, but it serves us, not the other way around

    Lancea et Sanctum
    - God hates you, but you can still serve Him
    - Feeding is a sacrament; treat it accordingly
    - The Masquerade is canon, but God can't damn you more than He already has

    Ordo Dracul
    - It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission
    - Hunger is just another problem to solve
    - The Masquerade has boundaries, and we test them
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      - Let's build not just a community but a society
      - The Law is made by all and it is to be followed by all.

      Circle of the Crone:
      - You are in the image of the Crone.
      (Admitedly the circle is the one i struggle the most to outline properly in my games)

      - Our rule is to last forever
      - A king in their own domain

      Lancea Sanctum:
      - Punish the sinful
      - Protect the Innocent
      - You are damned for a purpose

      Ordo Dracul:
      - What happens if i poke this??
      (More seriously)
      - The Curse is just the beginning
      - Spit in the eye of God

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        - We are Carthians, we stand up against the Invictus, the elders and their oppressive pyramid structures.
        - Vampires are stuck in the past, we want to modernize Kindred society by taking queues from human politics like liberalism, fascism, socialism and other -isms.
        - Unlike the other covenants, we do not look at humans are mere food or tools. They are our companions, our partners, they are to us as dogs are to humans.

        Circle of the Crone:
        - We are witches, pagans and occultists, once separate covens and coteries, now banded together to stand firm against the Sanctified menace.
        - The Crone is something different in each domain, but it always represents the divine predator. We are made in Her image and we strive to be like Her.
        - Humans are cattle, our prey. The wolf sheds no tears for the rabbit it kills, and neither do we.

        - We are the cream of the crop, the vampire elite, the undefeated, the oldest and most successful vampire syndicate to date.
        - Vampires are dangerous animals that need to be kept in check. We put a leash on that animal and make sure it plays by the rules.
        - Humanity is the sleeping herd we prey on, but we must ensure the herd never wakes up, for if they do, we might become their prey.

        Lancea et Sanctum:
        - We are the sinners among sinners, the twice-fallen, damned eternal. God condemns you, but He might forgive you if you join the Sanctified and dedicate your eternity to Him.
        - We are the devil on humanity's shoulder; and the moral compass of the Kindred. Vampires need a purpose to keep the Beast at bay. We find our purpose in God.
        - Vampires can't be saved, but humanity can. It is our job to help humanity find God. If the Lord is the shepherd, then we are His loyal dog.

        Ordo Dracul:
        - We are cursed, but that doesn't mean we have to hang our heads down in defeat. There is much to like about being undead. If you join us, it only gets better.
        - God is irrelevant, humanity is irrelevant, Kindred politics are irrelevant. The only thing that matters is you and your Great Work, whatever that Great Work may end up being.
        - Humans are not our lesser; they have many qualities we no longer posses. But to envy humanity is foolish, as we can surpass them through our Great Works.
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          The Invictus: 1. Our rule is the one true rule. 2. The masquerade must be upheld. 3. Always aim for the top spot, if you have what it takes.

          The Cathian Movement: 1. Kindred society is flawed, we must fix it. 2. We are not stagnating, change is our great ally. 3. Carthian law is proof of the need for change.

          The circle: 1. We are natural monsters. Embrace it, but dont lose yourself. 2. The Blood itself is power. 3. The Crine brings us together. (Alternative, the masquerade is not a rule, but a guideline)

          Ordo dracul: 1. our "curse" can be purged of its drawbacks. 2. A million answers arise in the quest for transcendence. 3. Politics are second to the Great Work.

          Lancea Et Sanctum: 1. God has damned us for our sins. 2. God has blessed us with a holy role in which redemption itself may be revealed. 3. Humanity is our flock. We must not abuse them even as we Sheperd them.