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How do Elder Vampires feed?

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  • How do Elder Vampires feed?

    Pretty much the title. How do Vampires with BP 6+ go about feeding? The Invictus have a few merits that can allow them to passively replenish their blood, but how do other Elders go about replenishing their supplies?

    I'm running a game set in the late 5th century, and I just find it hard to imagine how an elder could manage to sustain themselves when their cities would have at most, a few dozen kindred. One option would be to attack and drain kindred to the point of torpor, but with such small populations, it would quickly be noticed if a kindred goes missing every 10 days or so. The only other option would be to feed in such a way that the kindred remembers it, but that brings its own problems such as the vinculum.

    Has anyone here dealt with this in your own games?

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    You can drop into torpor voluntarily and reduce your BP, and high BP vampires are likely to do this if they don't have a way of sustaining their appetites.

    I'd imagine an Elder would feed from some kind of willing Kindred vessel, perhaps one of their own Childer.


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      Yep. Feed from other vampires (especially revenants), take the Unnatural Affinity merit and feed from other supernaturals, enter a Perversion or find ways to avoid the blood bond…or just sleep for a bit to drop back down to 4.


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        There's also the plain and simple method of eating the Willpower surcharge for mortal and animal blood and leaning hard into your Anchors and the Predatory Aura to recoup the losses.

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          There were a topic about this with a bunch of good suggestions. I'd try to look for it.

          By now I can remember also Protean 1, if someone is dropping vitae onto where the elder is merged he can be stustained without incurring in blood bond.
          Then there should be a few rituals.
          Perversion is a way. I don't like to use it for many npc/pc though.
          Revenants: you could enslave one of them.
          Other Supernatural with unnatural affinity.


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            Their Some ordo Scale that makes a mortals blood more potent.

            Cruac has a ritual that lets you shield yourself from the blood bond and another that lets you gain Vitae when one you performed Ritual on Feeds.

            Ideas how Sanctum or Carthians could Survive?

            Though a Sanctified Elder As a bogeyman A Group of Acolytes were afraid of Sounds promising.

            If he finally succumbs to the blood bond... Whats his new Regent to do then?


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              The Lancea et Sanctum has vitae reliquaries. Simply require the congregation to make a nominal tithe akin to Invictus red rent or charge a flat vitae fee for the casting of minor Theban sorcery rituals.

              The Carthians have a circle jerk merit that lets them dilute a
              individual's vinculum into a group of participant Carthians similar to the vaulderie.

              The Invictus have a system that encourages establishing a vinculum to a patron which negates needing to worry overmuch about being bound involuntarily, multiple oaths that negate the formation of vinculums to participants, a method of breaking vinculums, as well as several means of taking a portion of blood collected without vinculum establishment.

              As far as a Sanctified elder with a herd of Acolytes...

              In one setting I played, a Crone elder tried that. Mostly targeting Sanctified and Invictus neonates she deemed offensive because they weren't publicly obsequious enough for her, her own childer who displeased her, and humans that didn't have a lot of friends and family. She was even referred to as such behind her back. Then one night, some of the children decided to do something about the proverbial monster under their bed.

              Vidal did something similar in the previous iteration but it was a coterie of neonates Sanctified "chosen" to participate in exclusive religious sermons and rites.


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                There’s an Invictus oath that lets you wake up for free in SotC that lasts until you feed, you should be able to combine it with an oath that gives you Vitae from another kindred as long as you don’t actually feed yourself.


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                  oath of abstinence is the name


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                    As already stated, unnatural affinity is probably the safest way without the worries of the blood bond being present for an elder. Some may add complications of how you get access but thats the fun of the story.