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Create Jedak Nest Devotion [2E] (Obfuscate + Animalism + Ordo Dracul Scales Combo)

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  • Create Jedak Nest Devotion [2E] (Obfuscate + Animalism + Ordo Dracul Scales Combo)

    Create Jedak Nest Devotion
    Obfuscate •, Animalism ••, Coil of Wyrm: Surgical Heart Removal Scale, Coil of Zirnitra: Graft the Unholy Flesh Scale

    Only Kindred whom have their hearts still in place are valid targets for this Devotion. The target of this Devotion has the mechanical effects and has a Jedak mystically sympathetically linked to their soul (If Diablerized the one devouring them gain the Bonded Condition with that particular Jedak). Enacting this Devotion upon a Kindred

    This exceedingly ambitious Devotion applies techniques learned about transferring senses and blood thirst to a non-vampire target, cutting out ones own vampire weaknesses to be stored outside the body, and grafting supernatural ability between beings via symbolic transplants culminating to modify a particular supernatural creature of beast-like intelligence reanimated into undeath by a special application of Animalism (whose original nature had certain negotiable elements) and linked to a container of occult significance and power. The goal of this arcane artistry of gruesome power is to incarnate a vampire's thirst for blood and ability to drink blood to gain Vitae into an eternal sadistic monstrous vessel outside and away from the target Kindred's body, to feed and commit horrible atrocities via proxy for the target Kindred so they move away from the consequence of those drives while having them met.

    The designs upon the pewter jewelry box vary, but always have a locking device or latch for one and the inlay includes thorned or barbed plants and Celtic Knots, labyrinthine swirls, or maze motifs, and is lined with cloth.

    All costs unless otherwise noted are paid by the Kindred target of this Devotion. The result of using this Devotion creates a cursed jewelry box paired with an immortal undead horror which contains the target Kindred's blood thirst and ability drink Vitae which acts in proxy to feed the target Kindred Vitae. The target Kindred no longer has fangs or the ability to have blood they ingest become Vitae, nor can they absorb Vitae by drinking it (It vanishes within their mouth). They retain the ability to absorb Vitae via such means as these examples: as a vassal for an Invictus Oath of Fealty, using Cruac's Blood Price Ritual, retrieving from a Theban Sorcery's Vitae Reliquary and blood or Vitae spilled up the ground when using Protean's Unmarked Grave.

    Cost: 10 Vitae Total, 1 Humanity lost, 1 lethal damage of removing a vampiric fangs, half a yard of cloth from a garment worn for at least a year total by the target kindred (Paid by target) if performed upon another Kindred the Devotion wielder suffers a Humanity 3 Breaking Point for helping the target create the Jedak and must also mingle a point of their own Vitae (as catalyst to get the target Kindred's Vitae to react in accordance to the Devotion) into the Vitae filled jewelry box)
    Dice Pool: Extended Resolved + (lower of Occult or Medicine) roll with a target of ten successes and an interval of 1 minute.
    Each roll by the vampire using the Devotion requires a successful roll of Stamina + Blood Potency for Kindred target to adjust to the changes made by the person using this Devotion upon them.
    Requirement: The extracted vampiric fangs of the target Kindred engraved with the I Ching Hexagram 27, engorged with the target Kindred's Vitae to keep them still charged with Undeath. A freshly dead fairy sprite (a type of Hob which common within the Hedge) corpse that was killed via exsanguination by the target Kindred. The dead sprite's heart and stomach are removed and stitched together with golden thread and then grafted as if it were a single organ to arteries near the target's undead heart. Into the chest and abdominal cavity to the exsanguinated dead fairy sprite are placed the target kindred's engraved fangs, and the tiny corpse is sewn up with golden thread. The treated sprite corpse is then placed within a specially designed jewelry box made out of pewter. Inside the pewter box and lid must be inlaid text for a nursery-style rhyme in purple prose and iambic pentameter calling forth the Jedak and include the sprite's True Name. This is the incantation to invoke the Jedak's resurrection clause. After the tiny sprite corpse is set within the jewelry box, if this Devotion is done by a third party their point of Devotion activating Vitae is bled upon the sprite corpse, but either way the target Kindred must bleed 9 more Vitae into the box over the sprite which after the liquid level covers its body the it ceases rising as the blood thirsty undeath infuses the sprite corpse transforming it into a Jedak. After the Vitae is completely absorbed the target Kindred places the cloth inside the box with the newly formed Jedak, and place it somewhere unobserved during the next day's slumber. The cloth will now be a lining in the box and the Jedak will have assumed its Pewter Figurine form perched atop the jewelry box lid.
    Action: Extended 10 Successes, 1 Minute rolls.
    Duration: Permanent
    Target's Stamina + Blood Potency Roll

    Dramatic Failure: The target suffers as listed under Failure, but for every Dramatic Failure also loses an additional Humanity.
    Failure: Any of the target's remaining Vitae is involuntarily expended to feed the creation of the Jedak. Additionally the target enters Torpor, if the target has another Failure before the process is complete treat it as a Dramatic Failure.
    Success: The target withstands the current minute of the Devotion user adjusting their supernatural nature without side effects.
    Exceptional Success: The target needs no further rolls to adjust regardless of how many more rolls are needed by the kindred enacting the Devotion upon them and they experience a pleasant dream which restores a point of Willpower.
    Devotion Wielder's Resolved + (lower of Occult or Medicine) Roll

    Dramatic Failure: The fae sprite corpse, its organs and the target Kindred's fangs disintegrate without producing a Jedak, but the Kindred is still unable to regenerate its fangs and is unable to drink blood or Vitae to gain Vitae. Somewhere in the Hedge the target Kindred's fangs form as pits of strange Goblin Fruits. These are often harvested by those with the ability to fortune tell or augur and sold by those types at Goblin Markets. When bought at a goblin market it is rumored the fangs allows non-vampires whom consumed them as a tea to gain the ability to drink blood as a Vampire does and receive Vitae. Those without a Vitae Pool naturally must immediately spend the Vitae, able to spend it on what a Vampire can normally spend it on, such as healing or boosting Attributes but is not able to be spilled or for ghouling oneself. The Vampire whom lost the fangs can regain them by swallowing them if able to procure them.
    Failure: The Vitae is wasted, the sprite's corpse and organs putrefy, but the fangs are retrievable desired to allow re-absorption by the target kindred. If not retrieved they become inert after an hour and and the target is able to regrow their fangs and feed normally.
    Success: Successes accumulated towards 10 successes needed total.
    Exceptional Success: All the normal benefits of an Exceptional Success on an extended roll, and the target Kindred gains an awareness if somehow their Jedak is dispatch with a Bane. If there is a second exceptional success then the target Kindred also gains the ability to dream, and regain willpower from day-sleep (while also susceptible to nightmares and unpleasant dream effects).

    Upon gaining the tenth success needed the golden thread and teeth dissolve within the new Jedak and the Jewelry box becomes a new Jedak Nest. The modified organs and golden thread implanted into the target Kindred are mystically absorbed into the body. The Jedak has the target Kindred's blood thirst and ability to drink blood and Vitae. The target Kindred no longer has blood thirst, and is immune to frenzy triggered by blood thirst but also loses the ability to drink blood or Vitae. The Kindred within a week must arrange for the Jewelry box and Jedak to be taken from him by a mortal unaffiliated with the target Kindred to do what they and the Jedak wills. If this doesn't happen the Jedak Nest will target the Kindred whose thirst it removed and the Jedak will start consuming the vampire it came from in act of metaphysical autocannibalism. Creating a Jedak is making a horrific Bargain with the Cosmos which lets the target Kindred's blood-thirst free reign to torment, terrorize and clandestinely devour unfettered from the target Kindred and then the massive supernatural charge of this heinous irrevocable large-scale malicious and unjustified atrocity feeds the target Kindred two Vitae each night as long as they do not interfere or through layers of proxy attempt to affect or steer the Jedak or its nest. The fae part of the Horror's nature has strange effects with Time and how the cosmos acts as a capacitor trickle feeding the vampire a steady tithe of Vitae from the inevitable eternity of future feedings of the Jedak which is regulated by forces of Fate to ensure the Jedak is free from its Kindred of origin's influence.
    If the vampire attempt to interfere or through layers of proxy attempt to affect or steer the Jedak or its nest the target vampire suffers gains the Guilty Condition, then each night takes one Aggravated damage, and stop gaining Vitae until the Jedak and Jedak Nest are in a situation where the Jedak is feeding outside the control of and not influenced by the Kindred of Jedak's origin.
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