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Vampire: the Requiem 2nd edition doesn't tell you how to run the game, does it?

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  • Vampire: the Requiem 2nd edition doesn't tell you how to run the game, does it?

    So, every once in awhile when I'm running a game I like to return to the core book and read the very basic "Here is how you run this game" type sections. The ones that teach you how to Storytell, that show you the basics of how to turn a session into a Story and a Story into a chronicle. Put together a plot, bring in conflict, make it all sing. These are basic skills, but I find it can teach you a lot about the core themes of a game and how the designers expected the pieces to fit together. Returning to the basics can be really useful like that.

    And so I go to do that with Vampire - and it doesn't have that, at all, does it? The Storytelling chapter in 2nd edition explains some concepts - but mostly it presumes you already know damn well how to run a game of Vampire: the Requiem and just gives you some more advanced tricks and the like.

    I imagine this is because Blood & Smoke was originally intended as more of an updated on Requiem 1st edition than a stand-alone game, but damn it strikes me as a weakness in an otherwise amazing book. I really wouldn't hand this book to a new Storyteller and expect them to really be able to comfortably run it, and that's unfortunate considering just how awesome I think Requiem 2nd edition is otherwise. It just feels like it is missing a core component.

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    Very true, 2e has suffered from being an update that became stand alone. I really think they would have been better off repeating the core for mortals plus supplements for each line that 1e did but we instead got a very good system burdened by the need to be self contained.
    Some supplements give some advice but I find I depend on 1e content for a lot of the how to run stuff.


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      Yep, Requiem 2e does a really poor job of providing advice for the Storyteller. If you want that kind of thing, Chapter 4 of Guide to the Night provides the content that really should have been in the Storytelling Chapter in my opinion.

      Of course, as Live Bait said, the 1e books still exist and contain some very good advice. Along with the Storytelling chapter in the 1e core book, there's also Damnation City and the Requiem Chronicler's Guide


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        I think Rose mentioned somewhere that they wrote VTR 2ed to facilitate a couple different types of default chronicles/genres. Or that they knew people would *play* the game a number of different ways, so they needed to at least allow for those possibilities (things like super heroes with fangs, noir investigation, political, etc).

        I know that I wish they had gone a bit more into the basic ingredients for runnung each of those chronicles. I tend towards mystery/politics, but I always really want to run a super personal game. I just can never seem to find the balance between fun and emotional.
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          It is one of those things where like, yeah, as a veteran Storyteller (who also ran 1e), I can figure it out but... I'd love to be able to give the book to a newbie.

          And also it seemed the "philosophy of game design" had advanced some between 1e and 2e, and I was kind of looking forward to seeing how that would reflect in the "How to run this game" advice, but alas.

          I can see why they felt Guide to the Night was necessary, though I wish they'd taken the page count devoted to alternate settings and spent it more on Storytelling instead.