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    Hey everyone. So I'm running the Pit of the Nameless story seed (I may end up putting an Actual Play up here soon), and I'm wondering about the balance of the L+S. Where all other Covenants have their usual benefits (ACCESS to other merits or special disciplines), the L+S have automatic merits; "members receive Retainer, Herd, and Haven dots equal to their [L+S] Status."

    Firstly, would you guys read this as meaning "Retainer, Herd and Haven dots TOTALLING their Status" or "Retainer, Herd and Haven dots EACH equal to Stats?" The latter seems to me to be the plain reading of the rule, but it means 4 dots worth per dot gained. I've been running with TOTALLING their status, but it does seem to be out-of-step with other covenant rules.

    Luckily only one of my players is L+S, but even still.

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    Totalling to keep it consistent with the one dot merits that each covenant has that do basically the same thing. In effect the player gets a one dot merit for free.


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      I'm also running the Pit of the Nameless. How I run this rule is that the character has access to the convenant ressources as a pool so yes a 4 dot in L+S status gives you 4 dots in Retainer, Herd and Haven but it's resources that ultimately belong to the Covenant, are tied to the Covenant and are pooled by all members. They need to share and play nice, might not always be available and are linked to the L+S lore wise and ultimately are there to benefit the Covenant not the player