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  • Requiem for Rome chronicle

    I have started storytelling Requiem for Rome based in Vampire the Requiem first edition. I opened the submissions for my chronicle in an Spanish forum and I have received so many that I have been forced to split the players in two coteries. We have started playing Fall of the Camarilla, adding some new chapters of my own creation. I also wrote some aids, translations and characters references to let the players make contacts and allies of the main storyteller characters. Take a look:

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    Having played 13 game sessions we have almost finished Fall of the Camarilla. What a wonderful chronicle, I have enjoyed so much storytelling Rome and Requiem and the evolution of so many characters. We are near the end and I can say, after 15 years roleplaying, that this chronicle is my favorite. I let you link to the YouTube streamed videos, enjoy.


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      Very cool. You really seem to have provided your players quite a lot of context and resources - wish I knew Spanish so that I could understand the videos!