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[Storytellers Vault] Desecrated Rites

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  • [Storytellers Vault] Desecrated Rites

    Desecrated Rites is out now on the Storytellers Vault!
    “Whisper your dream to me, childe, so I may write it across the stars in blood”
    Blood Sorcery isn’t like mortal magic. The rituals are more visceral, the alterations on the world more obvious, and the effect on the caster themself more dire. It calls upon the power of Vitae in strange ways, far-flung from the more instinctive Disciplines most Kindred manifest. But that same divergence is what makes it so appealing.
    Desecrated Rites is a resource for players and storytellers alike, enhancing the capabilities of Sorcerous Disciplines. It contains:
    • Optional rules to make Blood Sorcery more powerful or grant it more utility.
    • New rituals for both Acolytes and Sanctified.
    • Merits and Devotions for any kind of blood sorcerer.
    • Three new forms of Blood Sorcery that can be learned in unique ways for vampires outside of the major covenants.

    Storytellers' Vault supplements (WoD, CoD)
    My Patreon! (CofD bonuses include: Fae Sorcery/Technomancy for Vampires, Quick Conversion for Inferno, and more!)