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Do you use "starting Vitae" rolls? Do you use the default hunting rules?

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  • Do you use "starting Vitae" rolls? Do you use the default hunting rules?

    Latest in my series of "do you use X mechanic" posts...

    Do you actually use the whole "roll a d10, add your feeding grounds" thing to see how much Vitae characters start off with at the start of a Story or the like?

    Question related - do you use the default hunting rules?

    The reason I ask is because it is very easy to just spend a lot of extra time hunting, have a huge hunting roll, and pretty much effortlessly top up on blood whenever you've got some downtime. Whereas the starting blood roll tends to give...not so generous results. It makes players justifiably wonder why they can't just say they're hunting more in downtime and start off with a full blood pool.

    I want hunting to be a part of a vampire's existence and the like, but while I feel one mechanic (the starting blood rolls) is too stingy, the hunting mechanic itself just makes it all pretty easy.

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    A bad roll can derail a story really quick imo so I just go with a full pool.


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      If you want hunting to be part of the story without being time consuming, just periodically allocate RP time to each individual player's hunt, or before the start of the session ask each of them to individually describe a feeding or hunting session and make a note of their use of herd, feeding grounds, ghouls etc. and incorporate potential issues within the main storyline as side quests. Give them a full pool minus one - three vitae to reflect vitae use in the course of hunting. (Discipline activation, Blush of Life etc.)

      One character I used to play ended up getting one of her vessels addicted to the Kiss. When he started becoming stalkerlike, she stopped feeding from him. Three months later (real time) she discovered that he became a vampire hunter in a larger story that involved a new Carthian regime that had seized power having to contend with another faction of Carthians who wanted to liquidate the other covenants in true communist style.
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        I usually start a chronicle playing the embrace in the first session, so the player have some measure of control on their first feeding scene.

        For the hunting part i usually play the whole scene for the player, mostly at the start of the chronicle.
        I like to put "a face" on the preys, to remember the player that they are actually feeding from real people.
        The more the vampire lose humanity and acquire new powers, the more i use mechanical rolls and describe the prey like some kind of cattle.
        I think that it depend mostly on the number of vampire player in the group, the more they are the harder it becames to allocate time in detailed narrative feeding scenes.


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          Yes, I use both, but with a big "depends" on it, since I'm very comfortable adjusting things on the fly towards whatever I'm doing with the game (though right now nothing since VtR is on the bench for a bunch of other things).