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Auspex 2: Is he a ghoul?

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    Originally posted by tsusasi View Post
    One wouldn't necessarily smell vitae on their breath per se. (They could inject it like heroin or vitae could be incorporated as a flavoring in a larger meal.) but kindred are hyper attuned to detect it. If vitae simply circulates through the bloodstream/nervous system/endocrine system etc. around and around ad infinitum in a ghoul until expended or sucked out via kindred feeding or ritual, it's technically possible for a kindred in close proximity to detect it in a ghoul via kindred senses.

    Kindred senses enhance sight and smell. To me, it's a bit of a stretch to say that it enables you to see/smell through skin, but I can see how some would rule it that way.

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      Well, if they can unerringly smell or see a few drops of blood on black carpet from a minimum of 30 yards away without actively looking, I don't really consider it a stretch for them to smell a magical blood clot of multiple blood types cycling through the person standing less than two feet from them on an active detection attempt. Personally I think a vampire using their predatory aura could also potentially detect whether or not someone is a ghoul.


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        Originally posted by Tessie View Post

        ‚ÄčA murder done in secret is still a secret, and anyone who's remotely rational will still realise it's a crime even if they believe it's justified to commit it.

        Besides, I don't think subjective perspectives (and failure to compensate for them when formulating questions) is nearly common enough to be considered a balancing factor.
        I agree and may have made the 2e mistake of too much flavour not enough clarity but as said by others the main balancing factor is the manner in which the answer comes and how the subject feels about it might affect what you learn.


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          I feel like just washing your mouth out once wouldn't stop Kindred Senses, anyway. As mentioned, if they can pick out a tiny droplet of blood on a carpet from across the room, they can smell the vestiges of the scent of it on your breath.

          If they inject it or the like instead, that might be more difficult, but if they didn't *thoroughly* wash the injection site, you might catch a spot of blood on their skin or the like.

          I'd be more wary about hearing Vitae in their system unless you're very high BP, though.

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