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    Originally posted by Satchel View Post
    My understanding of the difference is that Shatter the Shroud only works on the individual power you're dealing with, whereas lashing out requires you to be lashing out against the vampire themselves (which dominos into turning off all their other active Obfuscate powers, but means that you can't do this to proxy applications of the power like Touch of Shadow or Oubliette).
    It s a good explaination, but imply that it should be possible to lash out also against Face in the crowd, don t you think so?


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      Originally posted by Neos01 View Post

      From core book you can lash out only against Cloak of night.
      If not, i don t understand the utility of the Shatter the Shroud Devotion
      Yes. I said that applies when Lashing Out against Cloak of Night. It's just that all other effects also fail if you Lash Out against a vampire who happens to use Cloak of Night.
      Shatter the Shroud, on the other hand can be used against any hiding power (including Obfuscate but also powers from other splats) and does not require spending WP to Lash Out against a vampire and isn't immediately obvious that you're using unlike the actions required to Lash Out. The downside is that it only works if you've already won a CoW with Auspex, but if that's how you detected the Obfuscated vampires in the first place you only need to spend two Vitae to break the effect reflexively and automatically instead of needing to spend a WP (which generally is more precious than 2 Vitae) and an additional action on Lashing Out which also gives the Obfuscated vampire the chance to win the Lashing Out roll if they choose to respond.

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        Originally posted by Graylion View Post

        I was not aware you could lash out to break/pierce obfuscate. I know Auspex grants a clash of wills.
        If you win a predatory aura contest against someone using Obfuscate, you shatter every Obfuscate power they have running. You don’t require Auspex to see through Obfuscate but you do require a high enough perception skill to offset the penalty associated with the Obfuscate use. And of course if they touch you, or attempt to use Obfuscate to conceal you from others, you automatically gain immunity to all their obfuscate uses.