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Rites of Veneficia in 2e

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  • Rites of Veneficia in 2e

    I'm going to be starting up a Requiem for Rome campaign, converted to 2e. But one of the stumbling blocks i've run into is with regards to Veneficia. I'd like to convert these rituals to 2e, using existing spells or conditions as effects, because I find the "provide a straight straight bonus to dicepools" angle a bit boring, but:
    1) i'm not sure if i'm balancing them correctly. Many of the spells are low level in terms of required dots of blood sorcery but seem quite powerful in a 2e context because they often affect everyone who participates, rather than just the caster or the target.
    2) I'm not sure how to cost them in terms of required successes.

    Here are my ideas thus far:

    Call to Dionysus (Fall of the Camarilla p 54): The effect becomes "If the ritual successfully activates, then all those who participated in singing the song to Bacchus regain twice the normal willpower from satisfying their Mask or Dirge, but are affected by the Intoxicated condition. so long as the participants remain within 60 feet of the altar."

    Call to Mars (Fall of the Camarilla p 54): The effect becomes "If the ritual is successful, all those who contributed Vitae to the sacrifice enjoy the Steadfast condition for the remainder of the scene, so long as the participants remain within 30 feet of the altar."

    Call to Janus (Fall of the Camarilla p. 54): Honestly can't decide what to do here. I considered the Inspired condition whilst within range of the alter to all who participate for actions that fall under Janus' purview, but it seems strong.

    For these "Call to [Diety]" rites, I'm defaulting to level 1 as per the book and target successes of 5. Please feel free to critique these prerequisites or the effects.

    Blessing of Cybele (Fall of the Camarilla p 58) was the most challenging to find a fitting condition to grant. Right now my default is: "Participants gain the Ecstatic condition. Mortals who participate gain a +2 bonus on any attempts to secure food (whether by hunting, crafts or larceny)."
    Default is a 2 dot effect, but granting the ecstatic condition to a group of participants is perhaps strong enough to push this to 3 dots? Or perhaps I just require a lot of successes here, like 12 instead of 6 or 7 (i'm picking the number 12 arbitrarily here).

    Apollonian Sight (Requiem for Rome p116): This becomes identitical to the "The Pool of Forbidden Truths" ritual from Secrets of the Covenants p 184

    Haven't yet decided on the handful of higher level rites, but i've got time. For now I just want to get anything that might be accessible to players to start squared away. I'd love the community's thoughts!
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    I'd cut the "staying near the altar" aspects. Characters are already limited by the scene, and it's often not all that important to keep track of distances in CofD. The drawback of the Call of Dionysus is probably enough to limit things, so maybe all the "Call to" rituals should have a minor downside rather than just having to stay in one place.

    For Call to Janus, maybe emphasize the duality aspect of the deity. Maybe it provides a dice trick on Subterfuge actions, or lets you reroll failures involving disguise. Janus was also the god of transitions, so maybe it could make travel easier.

    For Blessing of Cybele, my first thought was something like granting temporary Feeding Grounds dots, but that's not to far from what the original did. Maybe it could be something like an additional benefit if you succeed in hunting? Cybele increases the yield of your hunt. Maybe it's as simple as you exceptionally succeed with three successes on your next hunting roll.

    As for required successes, technically the old Blood Sorcery: Sacraments & Blasphemy supplement has all the guidelines on that, but I'm pretty sure later authors haven't always followed that rubric, so you have leeway to be a little arbitrary. By default, target successes should at minimum be equal to the dot rating of the rite.

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      Well, I don't know if that is what you had in mind, but I have made a Veneficia 2e Conversion back in the days which you may find useful, even though it is a little bit dirty and I have planned to update it a bit. At the very least, it has some extra Ritual conversions which may help you.

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