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Query: NPC Templates - Werewolves

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  • Query: NPC Templates - Werewolves

    Working on putting together a more threat-inclusive chronicle for my players. I'm familiar with MTA (pre-2nd) and recently spun myself up on 2nd ed VTR.

    That said, I'm hoping to avoid learning all the rules and nuances of werewolf, and was hoping one of you folks might have solid example templates with simplified rules that I might be able to incorporate to use as NPCs and antagonists. Any help would be appreciated.

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    As requested, this is very clipped and aims to introduce as few new mechanics as possible, using core VtR 2e mechanics almost exclusively.
    1. Werewolves use Potency instead of Blood Potency. They gain the same benefits from it, but use Essence instead of Vitae.
    2. They do not care for the blood of the living, but they too need to fuel their abilities somehow. They do so with Essence, which they gain by feeding from spirits*, devouring humans or wolves or absorbing it from especially spiritually powerful places (which the local Dragons might identify as Wyrm's Nests). Rolls to do these things can use the rules vampires use for Hunting with dice pools appropriate to the approach.
    3. Werewolves use Humanity. A low Humanity werewolf is more attuned to their bestial and spiritual side, becoming more alien to the herd.
    4. They can spend Essence like Vitae to heal damage.
    5. They cannot spend Essence for Physical Intensity.
    6. They have Kindred Senses, including the Acute Senses Merit.
    7. They can Lash Out with the Predatory Aura.
    8. They have a Bane of Silver. Being in contact with it gives them a (10-Humanity) penalty to all actions. Being wounded with it causes Aggravated damage.
    9. They can Frenzy, but not Ride the Wave. If a werewolf fails a roll to resist Frenzy, they automatically suffer a Dramatic Failure. They automatically enter Wolf-Man form while frenzying. Frenzy for them has the aim to kill their prey and cause wanton destruction and death. Frenzy triggers are usually limited to:
      1. Being hurt with silver.
      2. Spending too long in Wolf-Man form (see below).
      3. Seeing the Full Moon.
      4. Their territory being violated.
    10. They automatically develop a new Bane for each point their Humanity drops below 5. Consider Banes that are weirder and more spiritual than the one's suggested for vampires.
    11. Werewolves are usually organized in packs. They enjoy all the benefits of the Pack Alpha Merit.
    12. Many packs have a Totem. A spirit that serves as a Mentor.
    13. Werewolves have 5 Shapes. Changing shapes requires either an Instant Action or 1 Essence to do so reflexively. Since I do not want to copy the bonuses verbatim, here is just the general overview (NB: If this list is too long, consider shortening it to Human, Wolf-Man and Wolf):
      1. Human: Small bonus to hiding among the herd.
      2. Near-Human: Small bonuses to Strength, Stamina, Size, Kindred Senses and Lashing Out. Small penalty to Manipulation.
      3. Wolf-Man: Large bonuses to Strength, Stamina, Kindred Senses and Lashing Out. Small bonus to Dexterity. While in this shape they automatically defeat nameless NPCs and non-Merit minions the PCs might have. They also heal all Bashing and Lethal damage at the end of every Round. Staying in this shape longer than Stamina + Potency automatically causes them to Frenzy.
      4. Near-Wolf: Medium bonuses to Strength, Dexterity, Stamina and Size. Small penalty to Manipulation. Large bonus to Kindred Senses. Their attacks can inflict Tilts without needing to make called attacks.
      5. Wolf: Medium bonus to Dexterity. Small Bonus to Stamina. Small penalty to Manipulation and Size. Very large bonus to Kindred Senses.
    14. Humans and Ghouls who witness a werewolf do something obviously supernatural suffer a Breaking Point. If they fail the roll, they rationalize or forget what happened.
    15. They may use Disciplines. Replace Vitae costs with Essence cost. Any bloodworking required as part of those powers should be reflavored as shamanistic rituals. Preternatural perceptions as delivered by Auspex and Dread Powers should be flavored as secrets whispered by spirits or their shadowy influence from across worlds. Powers appropriate to werewolves are:
      1. Animalism (except Raise the Familiar).
      2. Auspex (except Lay Open the Mind and Twilight Projection)
      3. Awe
      4. Face of the Beast
      5. Predatory Aspect - Claws, Feral Sense
      6. Unnatural Aspect - Horrid Talons
      7. Resilience
      8. Vigor
      9. CrĂșac
      10. Stir the Beast (may only be used on other members of your pack, not yourself)
      11. Devotions based on these Disciplines.
      12. Doom Powers (except False Fiend and Vice Manipulation)
      13. Talons of Fury
      14. Screech (more like "Howl")
    *Spirits mostly exist in a strange animistic mirror world largely unknown to vampires, with the possible exceptions of Dragons and Acolytes. Werewolves can use this place to perform an ambush across worlds.

    I hope that helps!
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      The Demon Storyteller Guide has a really basic system for making almost every gameline creature as well as some of their antagonists, using just core systems so you don't have to know anything about Demon to run.


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        saibot That's an incredible summary while keeping it simple. I can definitely work with that. I appreciate the effort that must have taken. nofather, thanks, i actually have that but it's been a few years since i touched it. I go back and forth between Chronicles/WW (mostly mage) and Palladium's Rifts while running things and have absolutely forgotten the contents of some of the resources i have on hand