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Blood Magic of the Clans [Just Random Musing]

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  • Blood Magic of the Clans [Just Random Musing]

    Something I've just thought about when I tried to (unsuccessfully) sleep.

    Blood sorcery is a really cool system of Vampire, and I really like how it ties to the whole "vampire state"- Cruac draws upon the Beast, while Theban Sorcery is reinforced by the Man. However, let's assume a theoretical situation where instead of being related to Covenants, each form of blood sorcery will be connected to a Clan instead- either each Clan would be able to learn a single form of Blood Sorcery mechanically, gain some special bonus or affinity from using it or even just leave it as a setting thing (like make the Gangrel the ones to discover Cruac due to their strong connection to the Beast or maybe have it as a part of their creation or something). In that case, how would you assign each form of bloody sorcery system to each Clan, and why? In order to deal with this experiment, I'm going to talk about all of the current 2e Sorceries, some of the 1e ones (Lithopedia and Gilded Cage will be absorbed to Cruac and Theban Sorcery due to reasons), and some fanmade ones (the Necromancy update which folds Vodun into it as well as the semi-official Kigan writeup). With that in mind, that's what I came up with-

    Daeva- Therion
    Ventrue- Theban Sorcery
    Mekhet- Merges Sorcery
    Gangrel- Cruac
    Nosferatu- Necromancy
    Julii- Veneficia
    Akhud- Ahranaite Sorcery

    So that only leaves us with Kimiya, Kigan and Triadic Evolution from one side- and way too many Clans from the other side. Of course, we also have the Rites of the Crossroads that the Mexican blood witches use and in 2e the Sons of Phobos use their own magic instead of Cruac for some reason, but the blood witches are almost their own Clan and the Sons of Phobos have been related to the Jiang Shi, so that's solved. Kigan could be connected to the fanmade Ryukishin Clan (or that other fanamde Japanese Clan based around uplifted revenants which I can't recall right now), and Kimiya could be related to the Dukhan (leaving my personal issues with the Clan aside). That leaves Triadic Evolution- but it just feels wrong to connect it to any Clan, as it is based around the Draugr state, so...

    Any case, that's just something that I had in mind, and wanted to see what otyhers may think about this theoretical subject and how it could be woven into the game (as well as what to do with the dozen or so Clans which do not have a related blood sorcery in this system).

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    My plan is to tie the Ryukishin to Kigan, yeah!


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      Lithopedia or Gilded Cage having instead some sort of connection to the Annunaki (from Invictus), the Gangrel/Ventrue (?) bloodline of lords of the land with probable mesopotamian roots that predates the covenant by millenia (making them also possibly older than the clans as we know them) could fit quite nicely too, imho.

      For the Sta-Au, the land of Worms & Hellminth - i might go with something like the meshing the Dragolescu's (from the OD book) Essentiaphagia with their peculiar devotions, the Worm Pipe and supernatural merits like Kindred Medium & Ghost-Eater among other things perhaps.

      Since we are going into such a clan - blood magic correlation, why not delve into lost or hypothetical clans and their idiosyncratic links to apocryphal forms of blood magic too?
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