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Morbus and Cachexy Second Edition Homebrew

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  • Morbus and Cachexy Second Edition Homebrew


    I did a thing, please check it out, comment, and suggest advice.
    I am especially struggling with coming up with better example sicknesses conditions.

    I want to make Morbus feel like true rulers of illnesses and sickness, as such I borrowed the idea from Protean where these Morbus can store various illnesses and inflict them in various ways.
    Anyway, please suggest/comment either here or in the document.

    Why are you doing this? The Morbus version in Dark Eras Companion is very disappointing. As such, I set out to rewrite the Bloodline and the Discipline, trying to follow the paradigms set out for 2E Disciplines when Blood and Smoke was being written.
    Where do I find this? This google doc: LINK
    Did you even playtest this? Not yet.
    I think I've seen some of this text somewhere... - Yes, I've stolen a few sentences from the Companion book.
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