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Limits to the Coil of Zirnitra and Ziva

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    Another thing I was thinking is, according to the book, Zirnitra is not a common coil, but those who seek it normally are after something they had pior to the Embrace. Like gifts from a werewolf family or mortal magic tied to lineage.

    But some of those things are not merits. Let's say a Fae-touched(changeling page 318) that got turned is now trying to recover her contracts, do they work as merits the same way that Proximis can buy their Blessings as merits(Mage page 307)?
    And also, since the Zirnitra Coil gives a discount on merit cost, the 30 dots worth of Blessing that Proximis has is improved by this, or do we buy the merit at lower cost but still count it at a higher cost?
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