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Ordo Dracul advancement as Mystery Cults

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  • Ordo Dracul advancement as Mystery Cults

    I'm modeling the Ordo Dracul as a little conclave of cult like schools and colleges, so I made an attempt to label them as Mystery Cults, with responsabilities and stuff like that. The way it is now, it's easy to even leave them after sometime, since you won't be an student forever.

    Ordo Dracul Initiation (Mystery Cult Initiation)
    - Gain a dot of Status(Ordo Dracul). You have been accepted into the ranks of the Dragons, if you live long enough you'll maybe even get a mentor.
    •• - Gain a dot of the Mentor Merit. After some life threatening tasks, you secured yourself a mentor, you can now start to study the Mysteries of the Dragon.
    ••• - Gain a dot in the Occult Skill. Every Defiant learn about a lot of supernatural topics, and you are one of the good students.
    •••• - Gain the Sworn Merit and two dots of the Nest Guardian Merit. You started your mission towards the high ranks of the Ordo, serving in one of the 3 branches, you choice here determine the type of future you'll have inside the order. You'll have access to a comunitary Nest that advances your studies and help you develop into a more capable student.

    Sworn of the Axe
    ••••• - Gain three dots of the Rites of the Impaled Merit ignoring it's requisites. Having access to mentors and a Dragon Nest to train, you developed the Rites of the Impaled, even if your body or mind wouldn't be able to do it normally. The Order expects that you guard important members on travels, hunt down traitors, recover artifacts and be avaiable at all times when called to do those things. The time you'll have to solve personal things will probably be very limited.

    Sworn of the Dying Light
    ••••• - Gain acess to the Crucible Merit ignoring it's requisites. Your Dragon Nest has the Crucible ritual, allowing you to study and develop the Mysteries and Scales of the Dragon quickly. The Order expects that you study, catalogue, test and discover the limits of the Scales and Mysteries, the experiments you'll have to perform will erode your contact with Humanity, but you must be ready to develop and teach the Mysteries.

    Sworn of Mysteries
    ••••• - Gain two dots of the Cacophony Savvy Merit and the Secret Society Junkie Merit ignoring it's requisites. You now have access to a great deal of information about members of the City and it's affairs, the Ordo will also facilitate your access to Mystery Cults and teach you how to exploit it's members. You are expected to also discover and contribute to the Ordo network of information. Not only things like other Kindred secrets, but every information that could be useful to the Order like possible Nests, the movement of other secret societies and stuff like that. You probably work as one of the many hands of your local Kogaion, and failure to uphold your duties could put you in serious trouble.


    Those merits are a suggestion of an easy path to advance into the Ordo and streamline the adventure. I planned them to be reverted using the Santity of Merits rule. Since some of those things you cannot reverse, you have to maintain 4 of the 5 exp points.
    1 for Ordo Status, 1 for Sworn, and 2 for Occult Skill.
    The Rites of the Impaled, Crucible, Cacophony Savvy and Secret Society Junkie are there only as long as you have access to the communitary Dragon's Nest. You'll need to have the requisites to buy them normally if you want.

    But why would someone leave those cults? Well... in short, to advance in the hierarchy of the Ordo.
    Here I have the next step planned as Mystery Cult Influence(I'm using the 3 dot version as the cumulative bonuses of the first three dots of a Mystery Cult):

    Ordo Dracul Influence (Mystery Cult Influence)
    Sworn of the Axe
    Requisites: Rites of the Impaled 3, Ordo Dracul Status 1, Sworn, can't have the Ordo Dracul Initiation Merit
    ••• - Gain two dots in Status(Ordo Dracul), and two dots of Retainer. You are being trained to be a leader in the Axe, your first task is to coordenate new recruits and ghouls of the Ordo.
    •••• - Gain two dots in the Cohesive Unit Merit and the Untouchable Merit. Having to sometimes commit a variety of crimes to do your job, you have trained and learned on how to coordinate your allies and leave no traces of your presence. Your Untouchable merit applies to your unit as long as they don't suffer the drawback from Cohesive Unit.
    ••••• - Gain three dots of merit to freely distribute in Fighting merits. You still have to coform to the requisites of those merits, but you can change them each Chapter. Having access to a pletora of combat tactics and knowledge, you can easily adapt your fighting styles to suit the needs of your job.
    You may have more free time than your subordinates, but you are expected to be the frontline in the most dangerous missions, like protecting the Kogaion on travels, hunting down powerful draurgs, retrieving secret information that may have been stolen from from other supernatural societies or covenants.

    Sworn of the Dying Light
    Requisites: Nest Guardian 2+, Crucible 3, Ordo Dracul Status 1, Sworn, can't have the Ordo Dracul Initiation Merit
    ••• - Gain two dots in Status(Ordo Dracul), and two dots in the Library(Occult) merit. As someone who is expected to be a teacher, you received access to occult lore that will help you advance your teachings and studies.
    •••• - Gain three dots of the Chapterhouse Merit. You learned powerful occult rites that soothe the Beast and allow you and your students to gather with ease.
    ••••• - Gain the Twilight Judge Merit. You are one of the most respected Dragons in the city and even the Kogaion can't deny you access to heretical knowledge about the Mysteries of the Dragon, you can also share the occult knowledge with your students, but you are also responsible for their mistakes.
    You enjoy a strong pull in the Order affairs, but you are still expected to study and develop new Mysteries and Scales. You know the truth behind your access to the secret knowledge of the Ordo. You only have it so others don't endanger themselves learning it, and the access you can give to others is merely for your own studies of how other Kindred react to those experimental and dangerous Coils.

    Sworn of Mysteries
    Requisites: Cacophony Savvy 2, at least 3 dots in a Mystery Cult, Ordo Dracul Status 1, Sworn, can't have the Ordo Dracul Initiation Merit
    ••• - Gain two dots in Status(Ordo Dracul), and a dot in the Persuasion skill. Having to deal with the political disputes outside the Ordo, you honed your tongue to convince others of your point of view.
    •••• - Gain three dots of the Closed Book Merit. Having a generous amount of secrets entrusted to your knowing, you got trained to not be easy to crack.
    ••••• - Gain the final dot in Cacophony Savvy and the Indomitable Merit. You are one of the most important assets of your Kogaion, and probably someone in the line to succed him if anything bad happens. When something from outside may endanger the Order, you are expected not only to know the details about the topic but to formulate plans and contigencies to deal with those troubles. You probably know as much as the Kogaion himself and the Twilight Judges about the occult things that the Order have hoarded, but you don't have permission to act on sensitive information without asking the Kogaion first.
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