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    Every Kindred has heard a ghost story. Not everyone has seen a ghost, but after finding out vampires are real, is it really such a reach to assume spectres are too? Curiosity and hunger drive some vampires to track down ghosts. They commune with specters through seances or offering them blood sacrifices in return for favours. Ghost bats were first created by Acolytes to help their regnants track the Deathly Twilight’s inhabitants for ritual purposes. Several stolen secrets later and other covenants have adopted the practice for their own use. Dragons seek ghosts to further their understanding of death. A few Sanctified minister to all the deceased, be they physical or ephemeral. There are even fringe Firebrands working to integrate ghosts into Kindred society as equals.

    Except for their large teeth and bloodshot eyes, ghost bats are indistinguishable from wild specimens. They are roughly as intelligent as a well-trained dog, although it comes with a decidedly feline ferocity. Most Kindred who keep these ghouls meddle in spectral affairs, although they also make useful security or spies over short distances. While they will never admit it, some vampires keep them around simply because they are suckers for pop culture stereotypes.

    Ghost Bat
    Mask: Flying vermin
    Dirge: Unseen observer
    Attributes: Intelligence 1, Wits 3, Resolve 2, Strength 1, Dexterity 4, Stamina 3, Presence 1, Manipulation 1, Composure 2
    Skills: Athletics (Flight) 4, Brawl 1, Intimidation 1, Stealth 2 (In Plain Sight), Survival 3
    Blood Potency: 0
    Vitae: 3
    Disciplines: Celerity 2
    Willpower: 4
    Initiative: +6
    Defense: 9
    Speed: 3 (land), 15 (flight)
    Size: 1
    Health: 4
    Type Damage Dice Pool
    Bite +2 B 2

    Echolocation: As long as they can hear, ghost bats see and maneuver in total darkness without penalty.
    Ghost Sense: Ghost bats perceive and communicate with entities in Death Twilight as though they were Materialized. The ghost bat can grant any vampire in the Scene the same abilities by spending 1 Vitae
    Shared Senses: The ghoul’s regnant may spend 2 Vitae to perceive the world through the ghost bat’s senses for a scene. The ghoul and regnant must be in the same scene for this to function. The regnant is entirely unaware of her own surroundings while peering through the ghost bat, but may flip between senses as a reflexive action without paying any additional costs once the power is activated.

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      Some crazy crone acolyte, with a serious obsession for the sea, created a monster : a ghouled whale. Arguably the biggest ghoul in history, this thing is a living weapon. When the circle wants you dead, don't escape with a boat...

      Also the circle won't admit it, but this thing is freaking them out. They know they can't really kill it, and it contain so much blood... It can eat three neonates and still want to taste more...

      Please note that this ghoul is a plot device, and that your players should understand that they can't fight it as usual.

      Ghouled Whale :
      Virtue : fortitude.
      Vice : gluttony. The whale acquired a taste for blood.

      Attributes : Intelligence 1, Wits 2, Resolve 5, Strength (Plot device), Dexterity 1, Stamina (Plot device), Presence 1, Manipulation 1, Composure 2

      Plot device : the strenght and size of a ghouled whale is so big that you can assume it's over 10. Don't roll dices. It's up to the narrator to decide wether the whale will destroy a boat in one charge, or two, or three.

      Skills : Survival 3 (sea), Brawl (special, 5), Stealth (special, 2), Intimidation 4, Athletism 4 (swim)

      Special : those skills can only be used against a boat. Brawl is used to destroy ships (the defense of the boat depend on the navigator and if he knows the whale is attacking), and stealth to avoid sonars and the like. The whale can't really attack small things like humans, but impacts, it's enormous mass and the destruction of the boat can (and certainly will) make damages (characters can roll athletics to avoid).

      Defense of a boat : 0-3 (depending of the size, speed, and coordination of the crew) + skill of the navigator. If the whale is attacking from the deep, or if reefs or icebergs are impeding the boat, lower the defense, up to 3.

      Blood potency : 0

      Vitae : 20

      Disciplines : Vigor 3, Resilience 3

      Willpower : 7

      Initiative +0

      Defense : NA (it's so big you just can't miss it... but it won't hurt it a lot.) 5 (against big weapons, probably mounted on a boat).

      Speed : faster than most boats, except zodiacs and the like.

      Size : at least 30. Because of it's ghouled state, it can probably grow bigger. Just don't think about it.

      Health : Special (30).

      The whale has 30 of health. When attacked by BIG weapons : cannons, harpoons... just inflict the damages, considering those weapons have damage modifiers of +2 too +10.
      Against small sized attacks (everything from hand grenades to katana...), use the following rules :

      -contondant damages are ignored.
      -lethal damages are downgraded to contondant, unless it's some kind of nasty weapons capable of piercing a 1-3 meters layer of fat.
      -the whales can roll dices to absorb (soak) such damages. It can roll between 5 (piercing) and 10 (slashing) attacks, depending on your whims. If you don't want to roll a lot of dices, you can say it's between 2 and 4 of soaks.

      Weapons/Attacks : crushing and the like. See before.

      Swallow : the whale can (and will, for it craves for blood, especially from vampires) try to swallow an opponent. According to the situation (target swimming or in a boat, momentum...), the dice pool of the attack is between 5 and 10. The target's defense is recalculated for this attack :
      -Defense (on a boat) : as usual, Min(wits, dexterity)+Athletism
      -Defense (while swimming) : Min(wits, strenght)+Athletism

      When swallowed, the target is crushed in the stomach of the whale for 5 damages each turn.
      The tissues of the stomach are mutated and voracious, so a human take one addictionnal damage from blood loss, and a vampire is drained of one vitae, each 5 turn inside.
      It's almost impossible to get out of this mess.
      Sonar : can use a sonar to detect things underwater with a great range and communicate.
      From the deep : this ghouled whale is very resistant to pressure and can go very, very, deep (3 km, 2 for normal blue whales) and hold breath for 6 hours. It usually attack with a "reverse plongeon" from the deep.
      Fat, fat layer : immune to cold.
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        Ha, I was going to do a ghouled whale next! That is awesome! I'll still post it eventually, but I'll wait a bit first.

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          I'm sorry ! In order to avoid stealing your posts again : i was planning to post two more exotic animal ghouls.

          -the Drop Bear (a ghouled koala)
          -the mischievous lair-destroyers : a pack of ghouled moles. Many vampires burned in the sun when their havens were destroyed by those underground gremlins...
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            A bake-kujira!

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