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Brethren of the Hundred Faces 2E (False Gods: Ventrue Preview)

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  • Brethren of the Hundred Faces 2E (False Gods: Ventrue Preview)

    So, at the risk of totally and utterly jinxing it, False Gods will likely be out next week. In the meantime, let's have one last little preview.

    As revealed previously, we managed to sneak in an update of the Brethren of the Hundred Faces, from The Dance Macabre. They don't get a full, dedicated entry, sadly, as there just wasn't room for them; this book is overstuffed as it is. They're also a concept that, while really cool, doesn't require that much explanation, though there's certainly lore one could explore in a more thorough treatment. Maybe somewhere down the line. I'd like to do something a bit more mechanically rigorous with their Alignment system, but what you'll find in the book ought to suffice for most things.

    Much like the parasites in Better Feared, who weren't in the Horrors chapter, the Brethren are not in the chapter that's actually dedicated to covenants. You'll find the Maskers' brief write-up in the Adrestoi bloodline entry (somewhat reminiscent of the Jang Shi in VTR2E). Why are they associated with the Adrestoi? You'll have to check out the book to find out...

    The Brethren of the Hundred Faces: The Maskers

    "There used to be a me, but it was holding us back."

    You want to join the Brethren of the Hundred Faces because: You need help. You don’t care if you’re a tool if you get what’s coming to you. You miss your soul and want to patch over the void. You’re afraid of what the Beast might take next. You never want to be alone.

    The big picture: The Brethren are a small covenant of hyper-individualist Kindred. Libertarian almost to the point of caricature, Maskers believe vampires owe nothing to nobody if it doesn’t serve their own interests. The only issues Kindred should concern themselves with are comfort, safety, and blood, not collectivist lies like politics and religion. Do as thou wilt is the whole of their law. Of course, politics and religion may be evils, but they’re necessary ones. Fucking off to your own devices is a bit like sending up a white flag to the Beast. So, how do the Brethren keep the dark side in check? Have they got a deal for you.

    Where we came from: The Hundred Faces. Our Consciences. They figured out you don’t need to play the Danse Macabre to have a good Requiem. Quite the opposite. They were even generous enough to share their work with the rest of us schmucks, and now they get to sit back and watch the cash pile up — metaphorically speaking. What they really get out of all this is their business. No one knows how they did it or how long they’ve been at it, but who cares? People who ask too many questions, that’s who.

    Our practices: You know how they say, “Jesus, take the wheel?” It’s a bit like that, except Jesus is an elder vampire’s personality molding your body and mind in its own image — but that makes it sound like a bad thing. Look, you want to get yours and to hell with the rest. Great. That puts you above 99 percent of other Licks. But you can’t do it on your own. Via the ritual of Alignment, Maskers use bio-engineered Vitae to imprint their members with a backup personality, one based on a member of the Hundred. It’s the Pilot; you’re the Captain. In addition to new skillsets to get you through the night, it keeps the Beast’s growling to a dull roar. Maybe it’s not quite the liberty you pictured, but what does identity matter when you can do whatever you want without some ideology nagging in your ear? Sure, the Pilot is absolutely using you, but it’s also giving you tangible results. It’s an investment in your Requiem, and you’ll never get a better return. Act now, before it’s too late!

    When we are in power: When are we not?

    When we are in trouble: You wouldn’t know it if it were staring you in the face.

    Nicknames: The Maskers, the Facers, the Ciphers (derogatory)

    The Hundred Masks

    Each Masker has a Pilot, a voice in her head who acts as an eternal-life coach. Once a scene, a Facer can spend a Vitae to gain dots equal to her Covenant Status to distribute over a pre-defined Skill or Skills, representing the Conscience’s breadth of knowledge. Covenant Status for Brethren is less social standing and more metaphysical attunement; the higher the dots, the better the Pilot can communicate. This boost can exceed the vampire’s usual Blood Potency limit by one and lasts according to the durations below. However, whenever the vampire activates her Skills, roll Humanity. On a failure, she gains the Subsumed Condition.

    The Pilot also [REDACTED]

    Social justice vampire/freelancer | He/Him

    Actual Play: Vampire: The Requiem – Bloodlines
    Masquiem: Curses of Caine in Requiem 2nd
    Storytellers Vault: Author Page

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    Can we have the final book already, please? :P

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      This is really cool! I'm a fan of characters wearing identities like masks, and I'm looking forward to reading more about them.