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  • Lancea Sanctum Rites

    An important Lancea Sanctum NPC, fanatic and doomsday archetype, is being met by the coterie of my players. I want for him a bit of fancy approach. Some tips on some dark, suggestive rite PCN could attend (even just witnesses).

    Any suggestion on how to build up a cool scene?

    Also more than one rite would be good for further scenes as he's supposed to be around for a while.

    Unfortunately I don't have the Lancea Covenant book but I might think to take it if you suggest it as a good source for these stuff.

    Edit: I was thinking more to practices and rites which are not belonging to Blood Sorcery rites. Somenthing like Confession in example. But with a bit of blood magic (e.g. beatles throw up from the mouth) if this help to build up a really cool scene.
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    What are your players' expectations when it comes to the L&S ?

    Like, if they are expecting Catholicism but for Vampire, I'd say, play with it with the main L&S character being introducing scourging someone publicaly and have it be explained to the players that it's not because the scourged sinned but because he failed to be God's monster by not truly tempting a sinful mortal known to someone whose faith in God was wavering and who now has distanced himself from the church because the sinner was not punished.

    Doing that at the Midnight Mass, with a sort of obligatory attendance from higher up could enhance the feeling of fanatism of the main NPC, and bonus point if he goes all "Everything's going down the drain because you weaklings don't hear Longinus teachings and we'll all be destroyed because of it!"