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Writing Advice: Network 0 Types Find a DVD Showing a VII Invasion Like a TV Show

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  • Writing Advice: Network 0 Types Find a DVD Showing a VII Invasion Like a TV Show

    I had this idea for a story. It would either be an actual story I would just post on spacebattles or something or maybe the basis for a game I'd run. The basic premise is that a bunch of Network Zero types get their hands on a DVD or something for a TV show. The TV show tells the story of a group of (Akhud-style) VII vampires attacking and conquering New Orleans. It might work best if they get the show one episode at a time through the mail to prevent them from binge-watching it. Of course, the initial twist is that the show is reasonably accurate to actual in-universe events. The VII attack might be happening at the same time or it might have happened years before, I haven't decided.

    The VII’s actual plan is fairly standard. A bunch of nomads show up at a fortified pig farm in the South and say they’re planning to take New Orleans. The nomads brought payment for the fort's assistance, but they mostly rely on shaming the lazy people at the fort into getting to work. The first step is to sponsor a bunch of vampire hunters in New Orleans to scout and do some raiding. Then they start picking off the loners and leadership. This provokes a bunch of in-fighting among the local vampires, before the VII blitzes the survivors in open war and starts digging in.

    How the Network Zero types react would be interesting. They might go on a quest to verify the events in the show actually occurred, they might try to spread it around to "prove" vampires exist, they might try to investigate where the show is coming from instead. It could be anything.

    Any writing advice about this would be appreciated and any suggestions as to what the Network Zero characters should do would also be nice. Aside from putting actual words down, my main question is to how to have suspense for both stories. Like I want there to be two stories almost running simultaneously, the Network Zero one and the VII assault story, but I'm not sure to prevent that from getting out of hand.

    Thanks in Advance!

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    VII are the vampire hunting Kindred right?


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      Originally posted by Penelope View Post
      VII are the vampire hunting Kindred right?

      Yes, they're the mystery vampires. If you read the actual VII book, I like the Akhud the most.


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        I am a little familiar with the idea of the Akhud and I think they’d make a great antagonist (after all, their ultimate power is derived I think from an Infernal demon named Shaddad). I think it’s a great idea but idk enough about either Hunter the Vigil or Requiem to offer any really concrete advice. But good luck 😊. Sounds like a cool campaign.