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    Hey y'all ! I've recently gone back to my idea of a era spanning chronicle starting with mortals in Arthurian England and ending in modern day with players as ancients, and for the occasion I thought I'd dust off some bloodlines ideas that prospective players might find interesting, so here's the first one that I made a long time ago

    The Cauquemars

    The ones who watch you sleep

    Most thinks of Kindred as parasite, undead leeches sucking the life out of the living, the Cauquemars would agree that most kindred fits this statement but not them !
    They would argue that they're feeding habits are just payment for their services, and so what if the actual costumer never knows that an undead monster lives in his bedroom closet.

    Most Nosferatu isolated themselves from humanity rather than suffer the effect of their curse on mortal, the Boogeymen integrated themselves into the very home of the kine and most do consider themselves part of the family they claim to protect.

    Why you want to be us
    Most Kindred wander through their Requiem without a purpose, not us, we have a sacred duty and the tools to uphold it, we're more than bloodsucking corpse, we offer clarity, power and more importantly we offer a point to your undead existence.

    Why you should fear us
    We know about the pale being in chains that come every night and try to suck the soul of the Prince mortal descendant, we know because we fend it off, and without us... well let's just say there would be quite a few less humans around come the following morning. Call it protection racket if you want, but we alone handle all the nasty things that come for your precious bloodolls and ghouls while you're too busy playing politics.

    Why we should fear ourselves
    We deluded ourselves into thinking we're better than the monsters we fight, but we're just a bit smarter than them in our predation, worse, our special power aren't free​ , if we fails our duty they're gone, and once all the pacts, protection and magic vanished, and then our competitor might want to give us a taste of our own medicine.

    This story is true, when the world was young and kindred where hunted by kine and owls, when the Wild Hunt plagued the forest, when the sons of man hid their souls in vessel of clay.
    One night, a group of monsters all wearing human guise, all from different village gathered in a clearing under the full moon.
    A frail woman with the soul of a giant spoke first "I know what lurks in the dark at night, I am kin to nightmares and monsters, alas my body is still human and when sleep call I cannot protect my family from the things made of shadows and from those who would have my family killed" .
    A tall man with hairs made of fire and eyes made of glass spoke next "I know what lurks past the thorny barrier, i escaped the clutches of the Fair Ones and made a pact with the sun to destroy them, alas while I hunt in the place between dreams, I cannot protect those dear to me"
    A Wild shaman with fangs like a wolf spoke next "I am one of the People my duty is to hunt the spirit that break the sacred laws, but the herd hunt those of my blood and the owl comes at night to steal the life of my kin
    Finally a shambling corpse rotten with maggots spoke : " Once I was alive and human, now I thirst for blood and safety, let us make a pact, Me and my progeny will slumber in your home, when the night comes, we will rise and defend your kin while you are resting and hunting, let the spirit comes, let the owls shriek, we will fend them off, we will be the monsters that teach your children to fear the dark while protecting them, in return, we ask nothing but for a bit of your blood and shelter from the sun"
    This night, a pact was made between them, backed by otherworldly power, the Cauquemares were born.

    Clan : Nosferatu

    Nicknames : Boogeyman , creeps (derogative)

    Bloodline ban : Cauquemares can only gain sustenance from the blood of a sleeping victim, even kindred vitae provide only half the sustenance it would normally gives, of course, a Cauquemares feeding from a vampire in torpor doesn't experience their ban
    Disciplines : Vigor, Obfuscate, Nightmare, Protean

    Bloodline gift : The pact, due to their ancient bargain, the Boogeymen are more than equipped to defend homes from otherworldly invaders, The pact is a series of merit available to all vampire who gains the first dot upon joining the bloodline, in addition, Cauquemares gains 8 again on rolls to remain quiet and hidden in rooms where at least one person is asleep.

    The Pact To •••

    Prerequisite : Cauquemare
    The forgiving sun (•) : The most basic of the gift in the arsenal of the Cauquemares allow them to sleep under the effect of any obfuscate level, further more, as long as they are sleeping where people have slept in the last 24 hours, they gain a temporary haven equal to their obfuscate dots as the champions of summer pleaded for Helios to avert his gaze from Boogeymen.

    Weapons of the Dead Wolf (••)
    Infused with the ancient power of a god of boundaries, the Cauquemare body becomes a weapon against the unseen, the Boogeymen can detect and physically harm with their natural weapons any ephemeral entities who has harmed or used a numina or influence on a Human in last 24 hours, they are considered to have the unnatural affinity merit for any such transgressor.
    Nightmare Lock (•••)
    The Cauquemare must guard the minds of his charges, by spending a point of vitae and drawing a bloody sigil on the forehead of his sleeping target, the vampire lay a trap in the mind of the target that will remain there for a week, next time someone or something try to use any form supernatural scrying or coercion. the Cauquemare is alerted and can reflexively spend a point of vitae and activate Face of the beast on the assailant, no matter how far they are.

    Drawback : To maintain those powers, the Boogeymen must uphold his end of the pact and guard humans against the terrors of the night, if the Cauquemare hasn't repelled an assault or made sure an inhabited home is safe for a number of night equal to her Humanity - Blood potency she loose access to the merit until she spent a whole night defending a home.

    Dream travel (Prerequisite Protean 5, obfuscate 2, nightmare 3)
    The boogeymen have created a specific devotion to better monitor their charges, any kindred can learn this devotion for 5 experience, but Nosferatu under the tutelage of a Cauquemare can learn it for 3 point of experience.

    Cost: 3 vitae
    Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult + Protean - composure
    Action: Instant
    Duration: Instant

    Dramatic Failure: The Vampire stirs an ancient Nightmare creature, Use the rules for Strix creation of Shadow potency 2 but assume the Nightmare is materialized

    Failure: The mind of the mortal rebukes the unnatural assault

    Success: While the Cauquemare is touching a sleeping victim, he can spend 3 point of vitae and spend one turn focusing on another sleeping human that he fed from, the vampire knows instinctively if the target he's trying to reach is sleeping or not before he has to spend vitae, when both he target are sleeping, the vampire can transform his body into dream-stuff and travel the dreaming minds of his victims to appear right where his target is provided it's within Miles*Blood potency+1

    Exceptional success: The Vampire can instead travel to any asleep blood relative of the victim regardless of distance

    This devotion takes a toll on the mind and any human subjected to it gains the Lethargic condition for the following day and must make a Integrity roll as the pure essence of fear that is the Nosferatu's beast leave its marks on the soul.


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    Oof, it's been more than a few days but here i have the next bloodline ready, the Melusine ! Once again, any criticism or thought are welcome
    The Melusine

    The ones who take your breath away

    Many ancient lament the loss of respect for the natural and supernatural world that the kine forgot, none more so than the Melusine who came to embody the grace and nostalgia of era long past, when fae and spirit roamed the land and dark forest of yore. Of course, many water-witch aren't as old as they would want you to believe, but the fae blood that runs through their dead veins give them a certain mystique that many astute Melusine take advantage off.

    Why you want to be us

    You're an Object of fascination, water flows around you, mortals fawns at your feet and other kindred are equally scarred and envious of your gift, the fey blood running through your vitae make it seems that you're more alive that you ever where when you still drew breath.

    Why you should fear us
    Blood is mostly water, what is vitae made of ? In the modern world, water is over present, only a bursting pipe away from flooding you, and when that happens, kin and kine alive will gladly drown themselves if you ask them to.

    Why we should fear ourselves
    All Daeva knows the danger of getting too emotionally attached to people, how many heartbreaks can you endure before you ripped your beloved throat out ? You will be betrayed over and over again for eternity and there is no greater fury than a betrayed Melusine, and when the dust settle and your loved one are left bleeding on the floor, you will ask yourself if all of this pain is worth staving the beast away.

    Once upon a time, a fey maiden called Melusine went to the world of humans and married a beautiful noble man, she would bring him gift great and small, many children and a castle erected by her fae magic under one condition, that he never ever intrude on her while she was bathing. Their was a happy marriage until one day when a jealous courtier whispered in his lord's ear that Melusine was fornicating with another under the guise of taking a bath. Full of anger and jealousy, the lord barged in on Melusine taking her bath and saw her true form, that of a woman who's lower half was a serpentine tail. Betrayed and ashamed, Melusine jumped out of the window into the river, as her corpse hit the stones, her blood mingled into the river and when the night came the river brought her blood back to her. Her body mended by the river spirit, Melusine arose and went to take revenge on her Husband, draining him of his blood and making him the first childe of the Bloodline.

    Clan : Daeva
    Nickname : Water-witch, River maiden, Serpentskin (derogative)
    Bloodline ban : A Melusine can not tolerate betrayal, when someone they consider a friend or acquaintance break a promise made to the River maiden or the Melusine thinks with or without sufficient proof that they planned to betray her, the vampire must roll to avoid frenzy at a -2, if the Melusine was under the Dependent condition as per their clan bane or under viniculum, the penalty increase to -4
    Disciplines : Presence, Protean, Celerity, Vigor

    Bloodline Gift : Fontaine, the Rivers, lake and fountain remember the first Melusine and their kinship, the Water-Witch calls to her spirit cousin and the water answers.

    - Any physical action the vampire takes while submerged in water achieve exceptional success on 3

    - When in proximity of clear water, such as an open faucet, a water pipe, small lake or river, the Melusine can spend a point of willpower to impose the Flooded tilt on the area for the scene, the Melusine and allies up to her blood potency are immune to the tilt.

    - Once per night, by entering a pool of clear water for a scene and pleading the the spirit of the river to help, a Melusine can roll a Manipulation + Persuasion for the water to heal her. if the roll succeed the vampire can either heal all of her bashing damages or heal lethal damage equal to success, the River maiden cannot heal from the same damage source twice

    ​- The Melusine can spend a point of Vitae for her blood to mingle into a liquid that is primarily composed of water, the vitae retains it's property but is virtually undetectable and the first being to drink from the source will be subject to vitae addiction and blood bonds.

    Merit : Blessed waters •••

    Prerequisite : Melusine

    Some Melusine have learned to deepen their vitae affinity with water, many Water-witch belonging to the Lancea et Sanctum and the Circle of the crone have developped this merit, when bleeding their vitae into a water source, the vampire can spend a point of willpower so that the first person to consume the liquid will be able to use the vitae within to heal damages as if they were a vampire, the healing water doesn't convey the blood bond but does convey a form of addiction for the Blessed waters of the Melusine.

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