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  • Coil/Devotion/Stuff brainstorming

    So I want to make a vampire in a future game that is essentially just a gadgeteer that builds stuff, and at some point I thought it would be cool to in character find a way to channel their vampiric gifts into the machines and inventions they make. I am just not sure which direction would make the most sense for this, so that is why I am poking the community here. Would developing coils/scales of the dragon be the optimal path here or maybe devotions, and regardless of which one makes sense..any ideas for how to make them mechanically work?

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    There are a couple Bloodlines that could help with that.

    Machinists(Homebrew from this forum): Mekhet or Gangrel
    They see machines as things that are alive and can use animalism to control it.

    Lynx: Mekhet
    They control the internet and connections between people.

    But to be honest, the best official thing that I'm aware of is the Invictus merit Tech Savyy from Secret of Covenants. It is a super strong merit that allows you to produce equipment and gadgets in 1 hour and it has upgrades over normal ones.

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    Ordo Dracul Coils: Hunger, Primal Blood
    Mage Legacies: Infernal Ones, Daoine


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      Look into the section on Gargoyles from The Danse Macabre, is my advice.

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        You might also find Technomancy, one of the Blood Sorceries introduced in Desecrated Rites, worthwhile. It's shtick is using vitae to build/modify technology to do incredible things; it starts with simple stuff like feeding old tech vitae to keep it working like brand new, but by 3-dots you can build a gun that can drink the blood of the person holding it and turn that blood into ammo.


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          For me, the best way would be through the use of Blood Sorcery. If you use the system in Blood Sorcery Rites of Damnation (2e) you basically have all you need to create vampiric infused items. The way it handles magic according to 6 themes gives you the freedom to create many devices. If you're making creatures or simple objects with vampiric powers from nothing The Theme Creation works best. For infusing complex tools like cellphones or guns with vampiric disciplines and powers, Transmutation is best. For dice bonuses, Guidance. Special triggers and damage, Destruction. Defense, healing and armor, Protection. Scrying tools, Divination. Keep in mind the strong suit of this system is mass targets and production. However this would be a big experience sink so you'll have to choose. In our games, we reduced the cost of themes and mastered rituals from 3 xp to 2 xp to make it more playable.