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    So, I'm retrieving some Dark Age clan's novel.
    I've been pretty disappointed by the Brujah one, which I found very slow and boring - perhaps also due to me not being mothertongue - while I'm enjoying a lot the Lasombra one.

    I'm looking for the next novel to read. I'm looking for a good balance between intrigue, action and, why not, some good inspiration for disciplines. There is a huge abuse of Celerity, Vigor and a bit of Obfuscate but I'm struggling to find entertaining part with Majesty, Dominate, Animalism.

    I know such novels are from Masquerade but feel free to suggest also other kind of Novels. Whatever you think would fit

    I was thinking to proceed with Gangrel or Nosferatu though.

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    A Hunger Like Fire has really useful depictions of all the stuff you're looking for. It's a bit dated in terms of setting, but it's a good primer on how vampires operate. It's got a fun mystery at its core, and it provides an insider view of all the clans, though primarily Nosferatu and Ventrue. There's a lot of Dominate shenanigans, and having Animalism is kind of a minor plot point for one of the main characters.

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      Thanks. I'll go for that so


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        Not really novels, but the short story bits in the Requiem clanbooks should be of interest too.
        Ventrue: Lords of Damned has a ludricous amount of Dominate abuse, both discreet and flagrant, all across the book for example.
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