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Elder feeding stratagies

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  • Elder feeding stratagies

    any kindred with blood potency of 6+ Needs kindred blood to survive

    Surviving without becoming blood bound can be difficult

    the circle the invictus and the ordo dracul have solutions in their magicss

    ideas what the carthians or sanctum can do?

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    Spread knowledge of the Unnatural Affinity Merit?

    MtAw Homebrew:
    Even more Legacies, updated to 2E
    New 2E Legacies, expanded


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      Fair enough

      question are lucifage supernatural enough for the merit?

      is revenant blood potent enough to sustain a elder?


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        I suspect most Elders either sleep it off (lowering their Potency) or find someone they're willing to be Blood Bound to. Maybe Perversion (two people mutually blood bound to make themselves immune to outside parties).

        I'm pretty sure finding a way to subvert it entirely is the exception, not the rule. Not every Ordo Dracul Elder follows the Mystery of the Voivode even within that Covenant, for example.


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          If I'm not wrong, Protean 1 would allow to get nourishment without incurring in any bond, just absorbing vitae spread on the resting place.


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            Breath-drinking? Also, wouldn't revenant or wicked dead count as kindred, even if bog-tier?

            Finding a way to replicate the vitae-generating through heart-stealing trick of the Sons of Phobos and similar mortal (?) blood magicians could be an effective alternative for those with low Humanity i guess.
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              I wouldn't be surprised if some Elders simply Embraced a sort of blood-bag childe when they near that stage, Bonding him to make him/her subservient and then regularly drinking out of her. After all, Elders usually don't fight it out every night and with their large pools of Vitae, they probably don't need to drink that often. Thrice a week on a willing servant may be enough for them, and if it allows them time to groom a caretaker/successor while their prepare for Torpor, well that's for the best, do'nt you think ?


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                Think a Kallisti would probaly be used for more important tasks then feeding from in most cases?

                A Revenant though


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                  A Kallisti ?

                  But yeah, Revenants could work... but they are rare and frowned upon in most cities.


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                    Kalliisti are a Daeva bloodline appearing originally in the Carthians book and reprinted in bloodlines the devoted. they try to stir up t rouble wherever they gohaving access to majesty dominate and perfidy it will be difficult for them to even run a haven smoothly. since they cant engender a full blood bond. ideas???