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    But the thing is that being Unaligned by no means implies being reclusive. Isator Levi is right in this regard, it's simply not the same thing. Being a Ghost Wolf is a major thing as it denies part of the purpose the spirit half of a werewolf is meant to have, affects their very nature (in the form of some game mechanics) and signifies coming into your nature alone. A Ghost Wolf isn't simply a werewolf that didn't chose a tribe, but a state an Uratha is not meant to be in.

    An Unaligned vampire is just that. Being Unaligned may be a sign of isolation or a political stance, but those are the exceptions, not the norm. And nothing in the text indicates otherwise.

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      Originally posted by monteparnas View Post
      A Ghost Wolf isn't simply a werewolf that didn't chose a tribe, but a state an Uratha is not meant to be in.
      A Ghost Wolf is a werewolf that simply hasn't chosen a Tribe (whether it's an active choice or due to isolation), but, as you say, the state of being a Ghost Wolf is significant because of metaphysical and mechanical consequences of that choice.

      During character creation, being a Ghost Wolf is as significant and almost identical to not having a Clan: Losing out on a free trait increase (Renown/favoured Attribute) and on an XP discount (Tribal Gifts/in-Clan Disciplines). That alone justifies having a write-up in the style of the Tribes.

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        Personally, I have always seen the Unaligned as the vast majority of all Kindred in a given city. A Covenant membership is something for Ancilae and younger Elders. The Masquerade fades away with many mortal connections and causes for the younger Ancilla, so they need to immerse themselves more in Kindred society.

        As some have noted in the thread, there are older Elders with enough of personal power and lust for unlife to not need what the Covenants have to offer, some Kindred want to join a Covenant but are not allowed in, some stay independent out of some idea or personal philosophy.

        But the Unaligned are not Carthians. Some Unaligned might have personal goals, but they lack the grander ideology of the Carthians.

        Now, the Unaligned might even be one of the most noticeable factions in a city, perhaps by numbers or by membership. I any way the could be used as a wild card in Kindred politics, or to illustrate the division between the neonates and the elders.
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