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Second Tradition in Second edition.

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  • Second Tradition in Second edition.

    no rules stated anywhere calling on you spend willpower to be able to take a clear picture.

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    Because in 2e, you don't have a blurry reflection/image. There is a thing called the Lost Visage where people are less likely to notice you for some reason, but it is more of a story thing and has no mechanics, iirc.

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      The way it seemed to me in the core was that vampires have an uncanny knack for being able to stand in a position where their image can't be captured on film or reflective surfaces; you don't see them coming and you can't get a recording of them, but it's a function of how they move about.

      ...Apparently in the case of devices, they can also benefit from a bit of bad luck in how the image gets captured.

      Presumably, getting a photograph when you want one is as simple as just deliberately standing still.

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        Yes, in 2ed it's more that those who try to capture a picture of an non-actively willing to be seen Vampire will have a string of bad luck : corrupted file, micro shut down, a little lag, etc.


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          If I remember right, the intention was for the ability to be essentially wholly positive for the vampire, whereas the 1e version whilst not useless, also could draw attention to the vampire.


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            The idea is to be wholly positive, but also non-intrusive in the story. It basically eases suspension of disbelief for the Masquerade, but at the same time a dedicated hunter won't even have a penalty. Which from a storytelling perspective I think is reasonable through and through.

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