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Help with Blood Doll rules?

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  • Help with Blood Doll rules?

    Okay, so I KNOW I read somewhere awhile ago rules for Blood Dolls with special conditions and tilts for them, as I created a character that was a blood doll, I swear. But now I can't seem to find those rules again in any of my books... Does anyone out there know the rules I am talking about and what book they are in?

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    Do you remember the effects at all? I can't think of any obvious places to look off the top of my head. Are you maybe thinking of the special ghoul/human Merits in the core, or was it definitely Tilts and Conditions?

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      Yea, I am 99% sure it was Conditions and Tilts. There is "Drained" but it was if I recall more than just that...


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        I can't help you either. I do know there is a "Drained" Condition in the Corebook - page 303. There is also this homebrew by LostLight:

        The Bitten [Blood Doll Micro Template]



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          I'm aware of a few Merits in the core book that benefit a Blood Doll, but not any Conditions/Tilts other than Drained.

          Producer, Protected, Beast Whispers, Beloved, etc.


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            are the conditions Scarred and swooning mutually exclusive?