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    I thought was nice, for any new players who is approaching VtR, to have some example about the mood. Disciplines are something which is not so easy to master (not because of mechanics - not only at least). I also would like to provide my interpretation of these and try to make them appearing as something, amazing for sure, but not with a superhero taint. Disciplines are dreadful powers in nature and it's not always easy to play them as an horrific tool instead as simple superpowers.
    I've so created a file with all the disciplines listed and one or two example for each power, to help clarify what you can really do using them. I'd like to share these with you to get your feedback, suggestions, and, obviously, feel free to add/create new ones according to your own interpretation of the mood/mechanic.

    Pls be aware English is not my own language and I admit I used Google Translate (more because of laziness actually, as I have written everything in my own language as a first draft). Thus, some phrasing might result odd to you and not giving back the same feeling I was expecting when writing it :P

    Ideally, I may create a topic like this for each discipline. Glad to hear your thought.


    1. Awe
    And then, that man began to massacre those two bouncers with impressive ease. God how much violence I saw in those very few seconds. They were each twice his size, and yet they could do nothing against him. It was nauseating. When the man had finished, he stood up, his hands completely bloody; blood splatters all over his dress. We were all terrified in the disco. The two were lying on the ground, half unconscious, martyred, when two other colleagues of theirs rushed to make their way through the crowd. He pulled himself together by adjusting his suit, and in doing so he left two bloodprints on the collar of his brocade jacket. Then something suddenly changed. We all relaxed. It was palpable. Even the rushed bouncers, seeing their comrades on the ground, didn't seem overly concerned. As if that weren't the priority. "But what happened?" one asked timidly, in obvious awe, as we all were. Yes, he had just massacred and raged on two men who had only done their duty by asking him not to smoke inside. In response, he had put out the cigarette on the arm of one of them. But we know that the means of bouncers are often excessive, crude and overbearing. I'm not saying that I justify him, being clear. But when it’s needed, it’s needed; and also, he's so… so charismatic. I only realized it at that very moment. And damn it, you must be that to massacre two thugs like that, who added up to three times his weight. Fuck good job boy. I fucking admired him. I forgot about the two men on the ground, I even wasn’t hearing their moans anymore ... and neither did the two bouncers ...

    2. Confident
    ... who seemed to apologize for what happened with the boy. One of them got him a towel to clean himself up. He hastened himself to do so, indeed. This was the priority. The man said something to him, the bouncer immediately nodded and pulled out his cell phone. He fumbled for a while. I think she was calling him a taxi with the app. Obviously at his own expense ...

    3. Green Eyes
    The demon is swift, strong, as dangerous as a caged tiger. But we are many, trained and, above all, equipped. We could hardly subdue him, sticking him to the ground. He hisses, growls and stares at us with hatred. One of us takes out the stake and raises it in front of him. Something suddenly shakes us. A blast coming from that being. I feel a little sorry for him. He is just following his nature at the end, as the lion follows his own feeding on the gazelle; same way we follow ours by feeding on cows. After all, this is what we are for him: cows. And he is superior to us in every sense. One moment. I shake my head. I know what is happening. He's using his spell; his charm! Yet I don't care. But I must keep him down. Come on, sink that stake…. I should say. But I don't. We all hesitate. Especially he, who has to perform that heinous act. "You don't want to do that ... I can give you a taste of something no mortal could." What is he doing?! He's flattering him. I notice that Jason's hand is trembling; the grip on the peg is not firm. In his eyes I see the doubt and hesitation. I see the travail of the moment. He is playing with his emotions as he did to me long time ago. So, I should be prepared for this, but I am not. I feel like a junkie who wants another dose, even knowing it's one more step towards his very end. "Release me, please ... RELEASE ME". I am confused as I think about what to do and this is costing us dearly. Way too much, indeed. The stake falls, but not into the bloodsucker's chest, but into Alfredo's neck as he collapses to the ground gurgling. Gino seems awakened. Drop the stake to the ground, looking at your hands. He may be wondering what he just did. How could he have given into that. The Damned laughs. Gino woke up ... but now I feel his spell gripping my heart. * DAMNED ... poor… misunderstood being... *

    4. Loyalty
    From the impenetrable shadows of the crypt, a human figure emerges with his features disfigured by a diabolical aspect. It seems that this is about to launch itself towards the hunters, but something stopped it at the last. That sacred cone of sunlight protected them by making the beast desist from its murderous intent as small burns on its face begin to disfigure its beauty. They saw the monster recoil, with astonishing slowness, being swallowed again by the darkness; Now only the bloodshot eyes staring at them, filled with endless hatred are barely visible. <<Close that fucking door! >> it’s heard yelled by some of them while a voice from the darkness, inhumanly persuasive and sinister, almost drawling, invites to come forward: << Cooome to meeee! >>. A hand reaches out towards one of them and the power of the vampire's blood makes its spell irresistible for that mortal who, with his heart in his throat, begins to descend the stairs like a moth attracted to hypnotic fire. His feelings at the mercy of that devil. The knowledge that he is going against the end does not matter if that end will lead him into his arms. Just as it doesn't matter to the addict to know that each more dose is an extra nail in his coffin. It took three men to be able to subdue him and bring him back up before the door closed behind them, plunging everything into total darkness. The man's cries muffled beyond the door: "LEAVE ME! IT NEEDS ME. IT NEEDS MEEE. I MUST GO. you do not understand"

    5. Idol
    I can't believe that. He is entering in the room as if nothing had happened. He’s getting into the police station, despite being wanted by all officers. Enter my Domain as if nothing had happened while a Blood Hunt looms over his head. How does he plan to get out?! My men get up and rush towards him. He just raises a hand, while he continues to walk imperiously. “Stop”, he orders us. The impetus of my men shatters on a very powerful aura emanating from himself. His every step now seems to be that of an Angel, a dark deity. Everyone hesitates. Like seeing Putin, or US’ president getting into, and a thousand times worse than that. I know what is happening. I try to counter that, but it is extremely difficult. I'd like to talk, tell my men to go ahead. But the words choke in my throat. Damn, it can't just go away like that. Somebody needs to do something ...
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    Originally posted by Marcus View Post
    I also would like to provide my interpretation of these and try to make them appearing as something, amazing for sure, but not with a superhero taint.
    I think the whole endeavor is starting on the wrong assumptions.

    Trying to reason a genre as in opposition to others is usually a bad call. First that it is a strong indication of misunderstanding the other genre, second that it makes you actually lose focus on your actual subject.

    And it shows, because while very interesting your depictions do less on showing how those powers are innately horrific and more on showing evil users. In fact, none of them is bad in itself, but bad due to previous, unrelated actions.

    You focused on avoiding super heroes and instead shown super powers being used by super villains.

    She/her pronouns


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      I get your point indeed. My intention was mainly to provide a "short" thematic description - something similar to the old Masquerade core book (not sure about the new), where you had a piece of "story" for each skill, attribute & discipline - to provide my personal interpretation of the power (which may be different for somebody else, and nothing against others interpretation).
      Not providing a background to such actions was indeed a precise intention really to not focus on moral judgment. You don't know neither why they are acting like that nor against who, so hard to give ethical judgment but I might have missed the point here.
      I also left it open to others contribution to provide a kind of "library" of inspirational texts.

      By the way it was just an experiment. I think I'll leave it for now
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