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  • False Gods: Daeva overview

    Link to video:

    False Gods: Ventrue pdf on Storyteller's Vault

    • 8 Bloodlines, 4 new, 4 updated
    • Bonus 9th, Bloodline of Malkovian
    • Malkavian Epidemic Rules
    • New Masks, Dirges, Devotions, Merits, and common Banes for Ventrue characters
    • 3 new Ghoul Families
    • 2 New Covenants
    • 2 new Monster Antagonists
    • Description - Emotion based Ventrue that focuses on keeping Dominance over others as well as their Beast. This leads them to establish dominance over others while being submissive to those above them in the packing order.
    • Disciplines - Replaces Animalism with Obfuscate and Protean.
    • Bloodline Gift - Blood Tether. The Adrestoi creates a pack like a Werewolf and as they invest more into it their packmates gain closer blood sympathy and boost rolls to resist Frenzy. They can purchase Lashes of Blood Tether which give them abilities that allow them to create mindless thralls and gain more Vitae from feeding.`
    • Bloodline Curse - The Submissive Curse. When feeding from a victim they need permission from a Kindred with higher Kindred Status or if they are in a pack a member with more dots of Blood Tether or the pack master. The pack master’s decision overrides all other permissions. This permission can be rescinded by the one who gave permission in the first place or a Kindred with higher status than the original permission granter.
    • Description - Control freaks that enjoy using their Dominate powers to
    • Disciplines - Replaces Resilience with Auspex and Obfuscate.
    • Bloodline Gift - Devotions.
      • Steals a specialty from a victim of Lay Open the Mind.
      • Force a Dominated victim to play a convincing role, boosted by the vampire’s Dominate ability.
      • Invert Obfuscate to call attention to an object or person.
      • Can locate a specific type of person within their Kindred Senses.
    • Bloodline Curse - The Curse of the Muse. When they lose a Touchstone they become obsessed with what-ever project they are currently working on.
    • Description - Electrical vampires who can replace vitae for electricity.
    • Disciplines - Replace Animalism with Celerity and Surge.
    • Bloodline Gift - Surge. The Keravnos can sense and feed off of electricity like blood. They can also expel electricity to harm targets or redirect existing currents.
    • Bloodline Curse - The Voltaic Curse. The Keravnos more detached from humanity when experiencing breaking points from harming mortals or because of electricity. Additionally, if they only feed from electricity they are more likely to detach from humanity.
    • Description - What if your Vampire were stronger inside their Domain and weaker outside of it.
    • Disciplines - Gain Obfuscate.
    • Bloodline Gift - Domus. Gain bonuses while inside their Haven including: full awareness of everyone within their Haven, increased Defense, increased resistance to Frenzy, bonus to resist supernatural powers, and not require as much Vitae, so long as they stay within their Haven.
    • Bloodline Curse - Sedentary Curse. It takes an act of willpower to leave their home for prolonged periods of time.
    Melissidae/Queen Bees
    • Description - What if Vampires were like bees falling under sway of a Queen Bee with their Childe and Ghouls as mindless drones.
    • Disciplines - Gain Majesty.
    • Bloodline Gift - Insetoid Kinship. Get bonuses to control insects with Animalism, but penalized for targeting larger animals.
    • Bloodline Gift - Hivemind. Melissidae can exert extra control on their ghouls and Childe, which they refer to as Drones.
    • Bloodline Curse - The Swarming Curse. Their touchstones have to be characters who are part of the Hivemind and cannot be inanimate objects or places.
    • Description - Pirate Vampires with a love of setting things on fire.
    • Disciplines - Gain Protean.
    • Bloodline Gift - Firefighter merit. These vampires are able to ignore Frenzy from fire, no longer take damage from fire, use flamed weapons, use flamed weapons defensively, and use fire to enter a controlled Frenzy.
    • Bloodline Curse - Recalcitrant Curse. When asked to submit to authority they must receive fair compensation or else they more likely to succumb to Frenzy.
    • Description - Imagine if the ethically questionable medical practitioners of the 1800’s were given vampiric form.
    • Disciplines - Gain Auspex.
    • Bloodline Gift - Arthmoic Surgery. The vampire can perform supernatural surgery on mortals and ghouls to grant them supernatural tricks.
    • Bloodline Curse - Clinician’s Curse. More detached from humanity when they aren’t performing a medical procedure.
    • Description - Originating from Yakuza that were Embraced. The Warumono are often seen as carrying an aura of unmistakable power.
    • Disciplines - Replace Animalism with Celerity and Vigor.
    • Bloodline Gift - Gokudo Tattoos. Supernatural Tattoos that grant additional benefits depending on which Discipline the Tattoo is related to.
    • Bloodline Curse - The Turbulent Curse. Warumono have a hard time avoiding being detected.
    • Description - Clairvoyant oracles who find themselves tongue tied or ignored when trying to explain their visions.
    • Disciplines - Replace Dominate with Auspex and Nightmare.
    • Bloodline Gift - Pareidolia. Malkovians can get a flash of clairvoyant intuition, but find it difficult to communicate about it.
    • Bloodline Curse - The Curse of Babble. Malkovians risk not being able to communicate a non-trivial truth to non-touchstones.
    • Note:
      • There could be some confusion between the Malkovian Bloodline and Malkavian affliction. Malkavian is a disease that allows Kindred to use a variation of Domination called Dementation to re-write reality similar to a mage.

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