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    Yeah, that's kind of the problem I had with it. But then again, while you may have unlimited vitae, you don't have unlimited supply of the drink to mix with it. Anyways, think I'll leave it as it is, just to avoid this problem.


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      I mean, if I have 1 dot in resources I think I can afford a high water bill.


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        Ive got a few bloodlines I'd like to share. I hear you like Nosferatu, so here is one of my Nosferatu I created. Its a second edition bloodline, but maybe you could tell me what you think.

        The Ghost-Witches

        Two trappers were visiting a lake they had never trapped at before. As the night started to come in, the trappers noticed a chill fall on the air. They found an abandoned lodge in middle of the nearby woods. When they entered the lodge they noticed the corpse of a frost-bitten woman lying in one of the cots. The first trapper wanted to leave, but the second trapper was too tired.
        In middle of the night the first trapper heard a gnawing sound, like a wolf chewing on bone. At first he thought it was outside, as he couldn’t see the moon through the doorway. If anything was in here the door would be open. He woke up again to the gnawing. He ignored the sound as bugs in the walls. When he woke up in the morning he saw his friend with a gaping hole in his chest and no heart. The woman’s corpse had blood around her mouth.
        Parent Clan: Nosferatu
        Bloodline Disciplines: Nightmare, Obfuscate, Vigor, Wesehan
        Nicknames: Creeps or Corpses(Insult), Frost-Bites (neutral)
        Bloodline Bane: The appearance of a Ghost-Witch is one of a frost-bitten corpse. Parts of the face are missing, the skin is cold and drawn back. The body looks gray and starving. This makes the Ghost-Witches keep the Nosferatu Clan bane. When in a social interaction with a human, treat the vampire’s humanity as two lower. In addition, any failure for a presence or manipulation check is an automatic dramatic failure unless the vampire is interacting with their touchstone or kindred.
        The features of the face falling off are not just purely cosmetic. While a vampire may be able to still hear fairly well without an ear, it still becomes more difficult. Wits+Composure checks made by Ghost-Witches are capped by humanity. In addition, because of the cold and frozen blood, the vampire must spend 2 vitae in order to activate the blush of life, which does nothing to make them less hideous.
        History and Culture: Hausis was born into a Maliseet family. Her tribe treated her wonderfully and she was raised to become a woman who wanted for little. However she became greedy and started to research the ways of sorcery. At first she was able to hide her practices from her tribe, but they eventually found out about her usage of dangerous magic. She fled her home and went into the wilderness. While out in the woods she used her sorcery to summon a powerful spirit. The spirit that she summoned was an ugly and terrifying monster that reeked of death. This spirit was said to have kissed her on the neck and turned her into a monster like him.
        Through this new power she began to study the effects of her blood and her beast. She would study out in middle of the cold winters of her homeland, and found that when she concentrated she could feel a storm approaching. There was one downside to her condition. She could never trick another person into letting her within their homes. Since she was just as monstrous as her sire, no one could even believe she was alive, let alone human. People would start to call her Skadegamutc, the Ghost-Witch.
        She eventually built herself a lodge far to the north. After living within the snowy northern lands of her home for several hundred years, she began noticing strange effects within her blood. With a force of will her blood could be chilled. With a little more concentration she was able to change the direction of the wind. Eventually she could even summon storms and ice.
        Hausis eventually found another woman who lived the same life as her. Her name was Tahki. Tahki was shunned from people’s homes for being too monstrous. Her skin was cold and blue like the skin of a corpse. Hausis took Tahki into her home and taught her the ways of the Ghost-Witch. This took decades of training, but resulted in Tahki understanding the ways of the wind greater than Hausis ever could. Eventually hunters from tribes to the south came looking for a couple of hunters that went missing earlier in the year. When they found Hausis, they killed her. Tahki fled to the west, but every once and a while she would teach another scarred girl the tricks of manipulating the cold.
        Her hunting habits improved as she went farther west. Within a couple years she developed a method of hunting that involved purposefully splitting off chunks of a hunting party in order to pick off the weak. With this method she could become increasingly more deadly as she would only have to overpower one person at a time. This changed with the arrival of the European Invictus. These vampires from the East would end up driving many bloodlines underground or into extinction. This was often the result of outright murder, but occasionally germ warfare. A disease was common among the European Invictus, but they were often immune. Through intentional spreading, the disease sent several hundred Frost-Bites into torpor or Final Death. Tahki was able to reach the other side of the continent before she finally lost herself to the disease and entered a deep torpor.
        Reputation: Being sorcerers, the Frost-Bites often have a place waiting for them in any North American Circle. The Crones are deeply referential of the Ghost-Witches, as they represent a connection to pure power that few other bloodlines can easily match. The Frost-Bites themselves often join the Circle in order to help better fight off Lancea Sanctum, and therefore cripple Invictus.
        The Carthians animosity towards Invictus often leads them to being a popular faction for the surviving Frost-Bites. The Ordo Dracul’s tendency towards ascension based philosophy also appeals to the desire of many Frost-Bites to become something more. In fact, Frost-Bites developed some of the earliest coils based on other supernaturals.
        Becoming: High mental stats, in attributes as well as skills, is paramount for the Ghost-Witch. Many of them have merits like Library or Tolerance for Biology (GMC: Page 163).
        The worship of power also shows a tendency of the vampires having high dots in disciplines. While some vampires would spend their time practicing skills and or training attributes, but for the Skadegamutc they want one or two disciplines that are powerful.
        Bloodline Gift: The Frost-Bites are able to resist the affects of the storms. By spending a point of willpower they can ignore the effects of High Winds, Heavy Rains, Blizzard, Ice, and Extreme Cold Tilts for turns equal to blood potency.
        Wesehan (Strong Winds) discipline.
        • 1 Dot- Nodin (Wind): The Ghost-Witch is able to command the direction of the wind. With a great gust of force the vampire knocks the target off their feet or pushes an object. The vampire can only pushes objects of size equal to the vampire's dots in Wesehan. The range of this effect is ten feet per blood potency.
          • Cost: 1 vitae
          • Intelligence+Survival+Wesehan vs. Target’s Dexterity+Athletics
          • Action: Instant and Contested
          • Dramatic Failure: The force of the winds is too much for the Ghost-Witch to contain. The vampire suffers the Heavy Winds tilt (GMC: Page 209), at grade 1, for 3 turns.
          • Failure: Either the wind simply does not change, or the target is able to dodge the effects. Nothing happens.
          • Success: The vampires wind is able to buffet the target. If the target is a person, the victim takes bashing damage equal to successes. If the target is an object it gets pushed back 2 yards per dot in blood potency or suffers damage to its structure.
          • Exceptional Success: The force of the wind knocks the target off their feet. If the target is an object, treat the effect as being one strength higher. If the target is a person, the person gains the knocked down tilt (GMC: Page 211).
          • Modifiers: In a heavy storm: +3, Gusts of wind: +1, Light breeze: -2, Stagnant air -4, Inside: -1
        • 2 Dot- Ayabamoyanimad (Whirlwind): The Ghost-Witch is able to produce even stronger winds, but is unable to control them with such precision. This power creates a cyclone.
          • Cost: 1 vitae
          • Wits+Survival+Wesehan
          • Action: Instant
          • Dramatic Failure: The force of the winds is too much for the Ghost-Witch to contain. The vampire suffers the Heavy Winds tilt (GMC: Page 209), at grade 1, for 3 turns.
          • Failure: The winds do not seem to gather. Nothing happens.
          • Success: The winds gather around the vampire. Everyone within (Wesehan x Blood Potency) yards of the vampire suffers the Heavy Winds tilt, this includes the vampire using this power. The only people excepted are those with a decent covering between the vampire and the victim (Being inside while the vampire is outside, taking immediate cover directly behind a car, etc). The vampire gains a +3 bonus to resisting the effects of the wind. The power lasts for the scene.
          • Exceptional Success: The vampire gains stronger control over the winds. The vampire may prevent people equal to the number of dots in Wesehan within the whirlwind from suffering the Heavy Winds tilt.
          • Modifiers: In a heavy storm: +3, Gusts of wind: +1, Light breeze: -2, Stagnant air -4, Inside: -1
        • 3 Dot- Kimiwan (Rain): The vampire’s control over the weather allows them to use the wind to bring about heavy rains or strong snow. While using Ayabamoyanimad, the vampire may spend an additional vitae to add the Heavy Rain or Blizzard tilt (GMC: Page 208 and 209). If this effect lasts for more than an hour, then there is a high chance that the Blizzard tilt will be worsened by 4 inches of snow, or more rarely, the area gains the Flooded tilt (GMC: Page 209). Those who are unaffected by the Heavy Winds tilt are also unaffected by the Heavy Rain or Blizzard tilt, but they are not free from suffering the effects of the snow or flooding.
        • 4 Dot- Mikwam (Ice): After the rain the vampire is able to turn the snow and water on the ground into ice. By spending an additional vitae during Kimiwan the vampire can turn the ground icy. This makes anyone affected by the previous tilts also affected by the Ice tilt (GMC: Page 210).
        • 5 Dot- Takibisan (Cold): During the whirlwind the vampire can make the temperature drop suddenly. During Ayabamoyanimad, the vampire is able to spend an additional vitae and give everyone affected by the Heavy Winds tilt also suffers the Extreme Cold tilt (GMC: Page 209).
        Kijizowan (Fever): During particularly strong storms the vampire is able to create paranoia and fear within those affected by their storms. This power can only be activated during the Blizzard or Heavy Rains tilt. This power can affect a group equal in size to the number of dots the vampire has in Wesehan times 2. If the storm is caused by the vampire, anyone in its range can be affected. Otherwise the vampire must see the target
        • Cost: 1 vitae
        • Wits+Intimidate-highest resolve among targets
        • Action: Instant
        • Dramatic Failure: The vampires manipulation of fear makes the targets realize the need to stay together. This power cannot affect any of the targets for the rest of the night.
        • Failure: Although presented with fear, they are able to resist. Nothing happens.
        • Success: Each of the targets become afraid of staying together. The target with the lowest resolve becomes frightened of staying with the group. If there are multiple with the lowest Resolve, then the storyteller should choose which one is affected based on their own judgement. They gain the Frightened Condition (Blood and Smoke: Page 303) with the group itself as the source. In addition, everyone who stays can be targeted later, with a +1 benefit to the roll.
        • Exceptional Success: After the first person becomes frightened, check the power again, therefore making two people flee in terror.
        Prerequisites: Wesehan 3, Nightmare 2
        Experience Cost: 3
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          A bloodline based on those subjected to freezing conditions? Sounds like a believable idea for a bloodline. Though I would imagine pronouncing their actual name would be quite difficult for most kindred. Frost-Bites is just quicker, Their discipline also sheds some light on the complicated issue of creating an ice based discipline I was having in my other thread. Seems nobody could figure out how to do it correctly!

          I also get the sense the bloodline is all female. Speaking of which, what did you think of my Hannya bloodline? I went back and cleaned it up after I realized what had happened to it.
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            Regarding the Hannya: I like the idea of their havens the best. I personally would want something more personal about their history, maybe someone important of the bloodline even if it isn't the first of its kind. The usage of majesty to describe their acting prowess seemed really cool until I noticed that their bane and bloodline disciplines makes it seem more like they were Daeva who gained nightmare. I may be misremembering the 1E rules, but don't only Daeva have trouble resisting their vice? If they are Daeva, the gaining of nightmare combined with becoming hideous seems like a cruel ironic punishment that I like, but otherwise I am a bit confused on that. I like the idea of using non-white folklore to create bloodlines, but my recommendation is always do a little more research than you think is necessary. I would look into the traditions of the culture. For instance, maybe men could be part of the bloodline, but they gain more stereotypically feminine bodily characteristics when they join (almost all Noh actors in Feudal Japan were men after all, even the ones who played Hannya style characters).

            Regarding the Ghost Witches: Skadegamutc are the name for a Algonquin hungry dead type creature. It shares a lot of similarities to wendigo myths (I also have my own version of the wendigo bloodline which has similar elements to the ones talked about earlier). The stories normally talk about them as women, but I tend to avoid single gendered or sex-based bloodlines as they sit weirdly with me. So the first two of the bloodline are both women, but the bloodline is not gender nor sex specific. I also wanted their discipline to kind of work a couple of common vampire tropes into it, like small acts of telepathy, castles always surrounded by storms, and people being picked off one by one, which also fit really well with the skadegamutc in general.

            Do you want me to show you anymore of the ones I've developed? Just tell me the clan and I'll pick one.
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              The first edition Daeva had to spend 2 willpower to resist their vices, while everyone else had to spend 1. The Hannya have the weakness of having 2 Vices at the same time, Envy + whatever else. If their vice actually is Envy, they have the same weakness as the Daeva (2 willpower to resist) on top of the Nosferatu weakness.

              As for some additional background on them, I don't really know much about that. When I went to look them up, I found out that they are portrayed as women who became obsessive and jealous, and turned into demons in the process. But anything beyond that is unexplained. The actors in Japan use various Noh masks to portray women turning into demons, and they put these masks on when their transformation happens. The bloodline was built around this cultural depiction, as I understood it. We also have the Cockscomb Society who are Nosferatu that attempt to live in high society publicly, so the idea of actors didn't seem too farfetched.

              Actually, I could alter it so that it is a joint bloodline, combining Nosferatu and Daeva, which sounds like it would be a perfect fit! The 4 disciplines they possess are 2 from each clan; Nightmare + Vigor from Nosferatu and Celerity + Majesty from Daeva. I'd have to alter the weakness, though, so that if Envy is their vice, it costs 3 Willpower, so that Daeva members have something to fear.

              In fact, I'm going to do that right now!
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                If you combine it the weakness should be "Daeva get Nosferatu weakness, Nosferatu get Daeva weakness." Also, it is a hard life for a Nosferatu without obfuscate, but I kind of like that.

                Also, totally didn't know that everyone had to spend willpower to resist vice. Is that 1E all around or just 1E vampires?

                But yeah, the Hannya mask and associated characters are pretty cool. They seem like they might be fun. I like them a lot.


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                  I believe it's 1E all around, if I remember correctly. But if you give into your Vice, you get 1 Willpower back. It kind of emphasizes that your vice is... well... a vice, it's something they're addicted to and have trouble resisting. So the spending of a Willpower to do so makes sense.

                  Glad you liked the Hannya. I liked your Skadegamutc, too.


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                    Im having trouble finding that rule in either the NWoD corebook or Requiem 1E. Do you happen to know the page? I only ask because this has never been brought up in a game I've played (and subsequently GMed).


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                      I'm having some trouble locating it myself. Perhaps I misread it? I just checked back on the Daeva again, and it says when they have the opportunity to indulge in it and do not do so, they lose 2 willpower as opposed to gaining back 1 by partaking. Again, maybe I misinterpreted the mechanics?


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                        Yeah, that is my guess. Its an interesting mechanic to make powers harder to resist (give a stick if they avoid by taking away a willpower, and giving a carrot of giving an additional willpower) or potentially a good house rule, but I don't think its in the regular game. Its okay though, we all misread the books to some extent (which is why I was so willing to believe it was really a mechanic).

                        Do you want to see my Japanese influenced bloodline? Its based off the Yuki-Onna myth.


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                          Of course, I'm curious about the Asian kindred. Especially since I don't know much about Asian folk lore.


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                            This is another snow and ice based one (the game I am running is in Western Canada, so a decent amount of snow is expected).
                            Echigo Intonja

                            Recluses of Echigo

                            A beautiful woman wearing a white summer kimono appears before two woodcutters, they follow her to her home and are never seen again. A passing caravan hears the cries for help of a man lost in the snow, silenced after they call back. A warrior from the city goes to search for these missing people, and never hears the recluse sneaking up on him.
                            In Japan there are tales of yokai; ghosts, demons, magical constructs, spirits of the world. Each province seems to call these legends by different names but have similar stories. When traveling in the winter it becomes important to listen to the wise words of those who live in these mountains, because these paths are the hunting grounds of the Yuki-Onna.
                            Parent Clan: Mekhet
                            Bloodline Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Majesty, Obfuscate
                            Nicknames: Yuki-Onna (Japan), Hikikomori or Shut-ins (Insult), Hermits or Recluses (Friendly).
                            Bloodline Bane: The Yuki-Onna prosper in the snow, and far away from humanity, so they keep the same bane as their clan. They gain a bane when reaching Humanity 6 and treat humanity as one lower for banes, including sunlight and torpor.
                            In addition, the stories of the Yuki-Onna mention to not follow the beauty into the abandoned manor, house, or shed that they live in. This should be obvious to anyone living today, but there is a very specific reason for this. The recluses have an apprehension to drinking blood outside of their Safe Place (Blood and Smoke: Page 123). In fact any blood they drink outside of the Safe Place gives them no vitae unless they spend willpower while drinking. They must spend one point of willpower per vitae gained while outside of the Safe Place.
                            History and Culture: During the Ashikaga Shogunate, a zen monk traveled across the islands of Japan writing poetry and stories about his journey. While in the Echigo province he recounted a tale of walking outside in the snow one day and finding a beautiful woman wrapped in a white summer kimono, much too thin for the weather. This monk attempted to speak with her, but she vanished within the snowfall. The monk rushed home to tell the tale to his host, and he is lucky for it. If he tried to follow her, he likely would have followed his doom.
                            It is hard to truly follow the history of recluses as they live alone and have little need to record their lineage. Vampire scholars have argued that even some sources as old as the Kofun period have described the hermits, but there has never been anything conclusive. This makes the records of this monk valuable, as they are the oldest confirmed description of a hermit.
                            The bloodline has traveled via trade routes, although the rarity of a hermit actually embracing someone has made the bloodline sluggish. While some were living in China by the 11th century, the bloodline never left Asia until the arrival of the Jesuits in the Edo period. Through these trading routes, hermits were able to find their ways into the alps and eventually into snowcapped mountains all over the world. The hermits have tended to avoid warmer locations, and even locations of only small snowfall, vastly preferring the places that receive at least one snow storm a year.
                            Reputation: The hermits have very little reputation in the covenants because they hardly interact with them. Due to their reclusive nature, they tend to exist in the outskirts of towns and cities, within the mountain paths near abandoned buildings. This does however lead to one faction that seems to appreciate their seclusion, and that is Ordo Dracul. In Europe and the Americas, if you see a recluse in a covenant, it will almost exclusively be within the Ordo Dracul.
                            Within Japan itself the hermits prefer the Takahashi Family Zaibatsu if they interact with politics at all. This mainly stems from the Takahashi tendency to support their higher ups with social backing, including a nice and cozy (or for the hermits, chilled) home. In addition, the few hermits that meet with the zaibatsu are in strong support of virtual board meetings, making it even easier for the hermits to deal with the Japanese Kindred political structure.
                            Becoming: The hermits are not one for making company, and embracing a childe is a social strain. In this regard, many of the hermits will live and enter torpor and finally die without ever embracing, or even considering embracing. The few that do embrace however, do it because they fall for a mortal’s beauty. When a hermit finds someone they think is more beautiful than the snow itself, they may not kill them in their home, but instead, embrace them. That being said, the taxing nature of needing to feed so close to home will often create tension between sire and childe, which inevitably results in the hermit pushing the childe away. Despite traditional portrayal of the hermits as female, the few who are embraced by the recluses are just as likely to be men as women.
                            Bloodline Gift: The Yuki-Onna gain access to a unique merit, Yukiyama. Also, the recluse no longer suffers from the Extreme Cold, Blizzard, and High Winds environmental tilts.
                            Yukiyama (snow covered mountain) Merit 1 to 5 dots, Style.
                            • 1 Dot- Shisen: The Yuki-Onna have lived with the snow for hundreds of years. They have found ways to better understand and observe the snow. In areas with a consistent coating of at least 1 inch of snow, the Yuki-Onna may add their dots in Yukiyama to survival and investigation rolls. If the Recluse has no dots in that skill, instead remove the untrained dice penalty.
                            • 2 Dot- Yuki No Yoroi: The Yuki-Onna is better able to understand the way the wind blows and shakes. The Yuki-Onna can add their dots in Yukiyama to their stealth rolls and defense when the person looking for them or attacking them is suffering from the blizzard or high winds tilt.
                            • 3 Dot- Kaisoku: While in cold weather that would normally slow down others (such as during the Blizzard Environmental tilt) the Yuki-Onna may spend a vitae to use the active effects of celerity as if they had celerity 1. If the vampire already has any dots in Celerity, they act as if their Celerity is one dot higher while in those conditions.
                            • 4 Dot- Yokai no Ashimoto: When in the snow the recluse may decide to not leave footprints. The physical effect of this may differ, either the recluse appears to have lost their feet, appears hovering, or walks on top of the snow without breaking it. Either way, when trying to track a recluse using this ability in the snow, take their dots in Yukiyama as a penalty to dice rolls. In addition, while this is active, the Recluse no longer suffers from the ice environmental tilt.
                            • 5 Dot- Shiroi Kao: The Recluses not only survive in the snow, they also thrive in it. When others would normally suffer the Blizzard, High Winds, or Extreme Cold tilts, the Yukki-Onna instead performs all Majesty, Obfuscate, and Auspex rolls as rote actions.

                            Kosetsu: Understanding the way snow flows can lead the Yuki-Onna to becoming the snow. With this power the Yuki-Onna can become incorporeal, being nothing but the snow in the wind. They must spend 1 vitae and 1 willpower. Becoming snow is a reflexive action, and becoming solid again is an instant action. For turns equal to their blood potency they cannot be physically harmed except by sunlight and fire, which does double damage. The things they are carrying and wearing also become snow as long as the objects are size 1 or smaller. The Yuki-Onna can move twice their speed in a single turn while in snow form. Disciplines cannot be used in this form and vitae cannot be spent. If this is done in an area that is above 0 Celsius or 32 Fahrenheit, then the vampire takes 1 bashing damage per turn in this form. If the temperature is above 50 Celsius or 122 Fahrenheit the vampire takes lethal damage per turn in this form. If the temperature is over 100 Celsius or 212 Fahrenheit the vampire starts to take aggravated damage per turn in this form.
                            Prerequisites: Obfuscate 3, Celerity 1, Yukiyama 1
                            Experience Cost: 2
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                              I think the concept and the mechanics are excellent, Diabadass.

                              However, I have two comments:

                              First, the weakness could be more integrated into base mechanics. Simply, when the Yuki-Onna attempt to feed on someone outside of their safe place, they must spend Willpower to feed as if her victim were beneath her Blood Potency restriction. Since it's a pre-existing mechanic, it's nicely consistent, simpler and slightly more forgiving, which seems to be a general thing about the weaknesses they've shown off so far. Still pretty harsh though, and restrictive of feeding, since it's one point of Willpower per Vitae.

                              Second, the 5th dot of the Merit doesn't seem like it's a Merit anymore, but rather it seems to be a Devotion. I suggest something using Obfuscate 3 and maybe Celerity? For it. Or just Obfuscate, since it ties into their nature pretty well. I'm not sure what to put in place of your 5th dot. Maybe they gain some kind of serious bonus for protecting themselves while in the snow? Like adding Yukiyama dots to Defense and Stealth, representing them shifting with the snowfall and the like. The Devotion then becomes an active manifestation of that passive capability.

                              Its weaknesses and limitations help set it apart from Primeval Miasma, so nice way to make something similar but really own it for the Bloodline.

                              Great work!

                              I am no longer participating in the community. Please do not contact me about my previous work.


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                                Leetsepeak, what do you think of those changes? The combined cost to get to Kosetsu is effectively the same as Primeval Miasma for a Gangrel, 15 xp total. It moves significantly quicker than Primeval Miasma, but is significantly less sturdy.

                                Also, please check out the Skadegamutc (Ghost Witch) I wrote up and tell me what you think about that as well. While I love Nyrufa's praise, I would like some critical feedback as well.